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Meetraj Singh
Nottingham is the greatest and most secure city for students. I believe that people in Nottingham are highly courteous and helpful to one another, which makes me happy.

More about Meetraj

Tell us a bit about yourself...

Meetraj Singh is my name. I am a Sikh and an Indian national who was born and raised in Tanzania's Dar es Salaam. I am the only member of my family that is now studying for a Bachelor's degree in the United Kingdom. The university's teaching quality, employment placement after graduation, student safety, and global recognition of the qualification are what drew me to NTU. Six years ago, there was a university expo at my school, and many institutions from the UK and other parts of the globe were there; I wanted to work in the architectural sector. After inquiring elsewhere, I met a representative of NTU who listened to my query and presented courses and architecture schools I would be interested in. I was interested in Interior Architecture but could not meet the portfolio requirement for admission, but this was not the end. When I asked NTU for suggestions BSc Architectural Technology was suggested and when I applied through UCAS I was accepted unconditionally with a scholarship. Some people's dream universities are Oxford, Cambridge, or Harvard, but NTU was my goal, and I eventually achieved it.

Tell us a bit more about your previous study…

Regarding my previous educational history, I came from an International school where I completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, also known as IB, and due to some educational reasons, I was placed in the International Course Programme, and the good part with NTU is that NTU accepts IB Course students as well, as stated on the website, and on the other hand, while applying for my course, I had to ask if their institution accepts IB Course students. As I already stated, I learned about NTU at a university expo. Studying at NTU differs from IB in that IB focuses on preparing students for university with the courses we choose to pursue a career in, but at NTU I am studying the course with which I want to pursue a career, and the experience has been incredible.

Tell us about your course...

My degree programme is BSc (Hons) Architecture Technology. This professional-oriented course serves as a stepping stone to a career in the architecture field. This course explores how structures are planned, obtained, constructed, and managed via a project-based learning experience, as well as establishing a practical and innovative approach to design. I definitely suggest this course to students who want to work in the architecture sector. This degree will help me establish my career because it will allow me to work with my father, who is a very excellent contractor in Tanzania, and with his expertise and my qualification, I will be able to pursue my passion of designing structures. On the one hand, I am enjoying my course, but on the other hand, it is a challenging course. The simple reason for this is that in university, not only Architectural technology but any other course in any sector is difficult. However, I take the support of my tutors to overcome my challenges because I openly and honestly speak with them about my problems, and they understand me and give me a solution, which makes me successful for the specific task I am working on. I will advise students to never be afraid to communicate with their instructors or module leaders about their concerns since if you do not, you may face mental issues, fear of failure, or even worse. I don't have the desire to be first or the fear of failing; I do feel apprehensive, but as long as you love your subject and understand what you're doing, all you have to do is give it your all and have a pleasant attitude while studying.

How do you relax and have some ‘down time’ from your course?

How can I unwind and take a break from my course? I enjoy learning new languages, and I am now working on my French in my spare time. I use LinkedIn learning and watch videos related to my classes to ensure that I comprehend what I am studying. I haven't joined any societies yet since there are so many fantastic societies and I'm not sure which one I want to be a part of. However, I am attempting to join a volleyball team because I enjoy volleyball and used to play on the school team in secondary school. I attend pizza and board game gatherings held by the school of architecture because they allow me to meet new people and students from BArch and Bachelor of Interior Architecture, and conversing with them offers me information about how their course is and how similar it is to mine.

What’s Nottingham like for students?

Nottingham is the greatest and most secure city for students. I believe that people in Nottingham are highly courteous and helpful to one another, which makes me happy. Yes, I adore Nottingham since there are so many things to do, such as Nottingham bowling. If you are a Batman fan and a nature lover, you may visit Wollaton Hall and Park to have a fantastic time with your pals while bowling. You can go around Old Market Square and enjoy some wonderful shopping and eating. You may learn more about the history of Nottingham Castle, which is located in the city of Robin Hood.

How would you describe the support you get at NTU?

NTU’s support is excellent. Yes, I used the support of the NTU Africa team during my admission, and Mr Richie and Ms Kotana were very supportive throughout the process for helping me take the excellent course, scholarship process, visa guidance, university counsellor guidance on who I can contact in my home country, for making me aware of the city before arriving in the UK, and for speaking to my parents to assure them about how safe I will be studying at NTU and how best NTU provides good education along with. The international student support services were really helpful; they taught me how to acquire my NI number, there was a spelling issue on my BRP, and I was expected to re-apply for my BRP, which I didn't know how to do, and the international student support services showed me how to do it correctly. Basically, the support I received from NTU's support staff was amazing since they were always willing to assist.

What are the living costs as a student here?

If you don't have a big budget, life in Nottingham isn't so expensive. I live at Meridian Court, which is a university residence. It is a sharing flat, and I have fantastic flatmates who are really friendly and understanding to one other. We don't share cooking expenditures because everyone has their own, but we do share items if asked. My lodging is £4660.04 a year,( £105.91 per week). This accommodation fits within my budget, and the good news is that I can pay for it in instalments, making it easier for my parents to pay on time. My monthly expenses are around £50 because I have some fixed bills such as phone, which is £10 if you buy a good plan, and around £20 to £25 for home shopping as I recommend ALDI or Tesco markets where things are available at very reasonable prices, and other costs include outings or other shopping if necessary.

Did you find out about NTU through, or use the services of, an agent or education counsellor? How was that experience?

I engaged the services of an education counsellor named Study Beyond Borders in Dar es Salaam, who were recommended by the NTU Africa team since Study Beyond Borders is associated with NTU and helps Tanzanian students reach their goals. They also advised me with their great services, which made my application for university and visa easier, since I believed these processes were impossible to do as an individual. So, my experience with Study Beyond Borders was positive, and I would recommend that students from Tanzania seek their assistance since they are the finest at what they do and never fail to provide appropriate instruction.

Do you work or volunteer part-time during your studies?

Yes, I work part-time while studying. I work at Sainsbury's Supermarket in Arnold, which is not far from where I live. My position is in customer service, as I assist people at the tills and find them what they need. I follow the laws and restrictions of my student visa since I am only permitted to work 20 hours per week, and I would warn other students not to violate government regulations. Working at Sainsbury's has been a rewarding experience since the salary is adequate to satisfy my needs and my management and coworkers respect me for who I am.

What were your parents/family concerned about before you came to NTU?

My parents were undoubtedly anxious before I arrived to NTU, as any parent would be given the subject of bullying and drug addiction. NTU is best known for its quality education, and the course I wanted to pursue is also offered here. However, I still needed to convince my parents to let me study at NTU, and I would like to thank Mr Richie Lee for agreeing to speak with my parents and clear all their doubts, which made me rest assured that I am going to be safe at NTU and that I will receive the best education, and that I will not face any bullying problems, and that there are support teams at the university to help.

What made you decide to apply for a scholarship?

To be honest, I was quite anxious about applying for a scholarship, but my university counsellor encouraged me to trust in myself, so I did. It is not difficult to apply for a scholarship. I would advise other student while applying for scholarship is to be yourself, read the questions very carefully, answer them because there are words limits and it would be good if your thoughts are very well arranged in those word limits.

How did you feel when you found out you’d been awarded a scholarship?

I felt nice, there was a different smile on my face when I read the email about being awarded with the scholarship, and when my parents received the news about my scholarship, they were very proud, and it meant a lot to me because I never expected to deserve a scholarship, but from that moment on, I felt very happy.

From your experience, how would you advise future international students? Any top tips?

For future international students thinking about joining NTU, I would advise them to be a part of NTU and to gather all information about the course they want to pursue so that they don't face any problems while studying. NTU will be their best choice studying here as it is a gateway to a better future, and they should never be afraid to ask tutors or any support staff for advice.

NTU is one of the greatest universities in the country, offering professional development chances. Nottingham city is also purple flag approved, indicating that it is a safer place to live and study. All races and religions are respected, and it is the finest platform for foreign students to pursue their career path with superb teaching faculty and a wonderful metropolitan atmosphere.

Describe NTU in 3 words...

NTU is Popular, tremendous and unique.

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