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Aayushi Pandey


I would recommend NTU to everyone, I have never met anyone who second guesses their decision to come here. NTU challenges you at every step, but in a good way.

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Why did you choose to study abroad and why did you choose NTU?

“No other university gave me the opportunity to combine media and TV together. It is a unique course and that excited me.”

How did you feel about coming to a UK university?

“Excited and terrified, but mostly excited. I had never been to the UK before. I was excited at the prospect of living alone, and travelling. When you're with your parents, you live in a protective cocoon. Here in the UK, I was going to be able to do everything on my own which was a little daunting.”

Is there anything that stood out on your course?

“My modules. The courses offered by other universities were limited in nature and repetitive in content, however NTU offered me a diverse range of subjects that I could study in one course.”

What modules have you particularly enjoyed?

“I particularly enjoyed the International Cinemas module. We had screenings every Tuesday and it was a great way to study. We would study theory and after an hour, have a screening of a film. Seeing the theory implemented on screen solidified the concept in my mind and made it easier to understand and remember, which helped me during the exams.”

How does the way you study at NTU differ from your previous experience of studying?

“It is completely different. The main difference between India and the UK is the assessment method. Here, the focus is on essays rather than exams; something I had to get used to. We also have seminars that help a lot in understanding difficult concepts. The professors make the modules interactive and interesting by putting clips in lecture slides, which breaks the monotony of a regular lecture.”

What do you think of the facilities?

“All the facilities enhanced my university experience, but what I like the most is the fact that the library is open 24/7. I believe that we have one of the best Students' Union in the country, and I can say that confidently because I have friends who are currently studying in other universities all across the UK.”

How do you feel that you have grown personally as well as academically at NTU?

“I feel that I have grown tenfold since I started university. I am more independent and self-sufficient. My mind has been trained to think critically, analyse my surroundings, and question their origins.

“I manage my finances, make my own appointments, cook for myself, and more. I feel like an adult now. There is a lot I still need to learn but I have definitely come very far.”

When you first came, did you feel welcome?

“When I first came, I was very homesick as I had never left home before. Seeing so many people in an unfamiliar place was scary at first but to my surprise, everyone was very welcoming. During Welcome Week, I went to some of the barbecues hosted by NTU societies and took part in the walking tour that was organised by students.”

In what way are you supported by the academic staff in your faculty?

“The teachers are very helpful and understanding. As I'm not the only international student in class, they cater the lecture to all students and not just people from the UK. They always encourage discussions and debates in class.”

What do you enjoy most about living in Nottingham?

“It's very different seeing pictures of places on paper, and then seeing them in real life. Nottingham was a very nice surprise. It is a cheap place to live in compared to other cities. The city is multicultural, and you can find people from all over the world thanks to its large student population. The city itself is beautiful and self-sufficient, and well-connected to other cities in the UK.”

What has been your greatest achievement at NTU?

“I won the British Council’s GREAT India undergraduate scholarship in my first year at NTU.”

What advice would you give to prospective students?

“I would recommend NTU to everyone, I have never met anyone who second guesses their decision to come here. If they have the right course, everyone loves it. Studying is hard, even if it is your favourite subject. NTU challenges you at every step, but in a good way.”

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