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Anna Hague


United Kingdom
This course offers you all of the ingredients to become a professional designer. I came out of university with a fantastic portfolio or work, a positive attitude to gaining a career in design and an ambitious mind.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“I instantly liked the feel of Nottingham as a city and the student life. I was impressed by the industry links that the University had established with textile companies. I also felt that I would be in a great position at the end of my degree to find a job quickly. I liked the initial presentation given at the open day, which talked about the course structure and all the opportunities given throughout the three years on the course, such as competitions, live projects and workshops.”

What did you enjoy most about your course?
“The structure of the course allowed me to build a professional portfolio. I felt that the live projects in Year Two were extremely beneficial to my learning and developed my confidence in design. The tutors are all extremely good at their jobs - they really understand how they can help you in becoming the best version of yourself in your area of design.”

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your graduate collection which you showcased at New Designers?
“The theory of ‘Biophilia’ suggests that humans have an innate affiliation with nature. It is all about the healing power that nature brings to our lives, and applying this concept to design for site specific places such as care homes, hospices, hospitals and the home. I gained a lot of inspiration from visiting several hospices and interviewing psychologists and healthcare professionals. My main inspiration surrounded the work of Maggie’s Centres and their efforts to try to improve the healthcare institution, by taking a more holistic approach to design. My collection aims to uplift, brighten and inspire the interiors of healthcare and domestic sites, while keeping in mind the health and wellbeing of people.”

How did it feel to be named winner of the i-dott Design competition?
“I was extremely pleased to be named winner of the i-dott competition. I look back on my time at NTU and feel that as a person my confidence has grown vast amounts. I learnt that striving for the things you want in life and really putting your all into everything is so important because you might not these great opportunities in life again. As a young designer, entering competitions like i-dott and getting your name out there is the key to success. I am over the moon to have even grown the confidence in myself to enter the competition - let alone win a prize! Hard work definitely pays off.”

Did the course include any speakers or lecturers from industry?
“I really enjoyed the lecture delivered by Fay McCaul. It was so inspirational and her attitude towards her career as a bespoke knitted textile designer was incredible. I will always remember this lecture because it made me feel so excited about my own aspirations as a designer. Fay talked about all the challenges she faced as a freelance knitter and the rewards she received after overcoming them.”

How do you find the facilities available to you?
“The course teaches you how to create textile designs using digital equipment, but it also keeps the handcrafted and traditional methods of design at the core of the process. I think it is safe to say the machinery and technology that is available for us to use is outstanding; I felt very lucky having access to these facilities at my fingertips. The technicians are all incredibly helpful and are available at all times to assist you when you’re stuck.”

What did you like about studying and living in Nottingham?
“It is a great student city and there’s always something going on. I met friends for life and I will keep Nottingham in my heart as a fantastic place to live. The nightlife and events around the city such as the Goosefair, Bonfire Night and the Christmas market are all so much fun. Having countryside around the city, such as the Peak District and Wollaton Hall is a big bonus.”

Why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study in that area?
“This course offers you all of the ingredients to become a young professional designer. I came out of university with a fantastic portfolio of work, a positive attitude to gaining a career in design and an ambitious mind. Luckily, thanks to the course and exhibiting my work at New Designers in London, I have succeeded in being offered a job already. The course is designed to suit every person, push their individual skills and help them achieve their goals. I think that the city is a fantastic place to study and live as it offers so many opportunities and experiences. I would highly recommend Nottingham Trent University to everyone!"

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