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My interview at NTU was the best interview experience I have ever had – I felt at ease, and the tutors passion for the subject and course was evident.

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What made you choose to study Graphic Design at NTU?
“My interview was the best interview experience I have ever had – I felt at ease, and the tutors passion for the subject and course was evident. The students were enthusiastic and I could tell that they genuinely loved the course. In addition to this, the work that was being produced on the course really impressed me.”

Have you been involved in any industry competitions as part of your course?

“I entered the D&AD New Blood awards with my classmate Tom Knowles and we won! Our project Male Baggage aims to break the often-harmful stereotypes men face. In particular, the notion that talking about your feelings is a sign of weakness. Whether it’s said directly or implied by society as a whole, the message seems clear: being emotionally open makes you less of a man.

“Our project encourages men to talk about their feelings without fear of judgement. Anchored by a comical range of pink balloon bollocks, our campaign has the potential to tackle a whole host of overlooked issues from mental health and body image to sex and consent education.

“Through various touch points, including a video campaign, promotional posters and an online chat room, we encouraged an open dialogue between men.”

Have you had any guest speakers from industry visit as part of your course?
“I remember Jonathon Barnbrook visiting in our first year - his talk massively exceeded my expectations. I discovered some of the amazing work he had done, such as the latest album art for Bowie, and took away some important techniques and lessons that made me think more about design processes and a designer’s role and significance in the world.”

Which course module have you particularly enjoyed?
“I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the visual culture lectures in my second year, as design theory had never been of much interest to me. The topics we covered were so much broader than I had expected. We learnt about the counter culture, photography and music’s link with design throughout the decades, in addition to exploring the wider cultural role design has played in the last 100 years. It was really interesting and it completely changed how I perceive graphic designs importance in the world.”

What do you like the most about your course?
“The freedom to investigate and question everything. It enables you to produce work that you are truly passionate.”

What do you think of the facilities available to you on your course?
“The facilities are great across the whole University. I honestly wouldn’t want to change anything.”

Would you recommend studying Graphic Design at NTU to prospective students?
“I would highly recommend my course to anyone interested in studying graphic design at university. You will be encouraged to experiment across all areas of design, and you’ll be pushed to deeply consider the importance of the idea when creating your projects – this is one of the most influential shifts that I have undergone when thinking about my own design process.

“The teaching is great, as every tutor has his or her own skillset, and they are always honest and happy to offer guidance. Whether you need help with project work, advice about freelance jobs, or have a personal worry, the tutors are there for you. They have a clear passion for the job and always approach tutoring with a smile.”

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