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I believe that as the industry as a whole becomes more diverse, there will be fewer barriers to success for talented people from different backgrounds

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Award-winning Photographer and Director Catherine Losing followed her creative passion and turned it into her career. She has travelled all over the world and worked with leading fashion publications and retail brands; Vogue, Wired, Lacoste, YSL, Polaroid, IKEA- the list goes on!

We spoke to Catherine about her work and how she has seen the photography industry change over the past 15 years.

‘I studied photography at A level and really enjoyed it. That, combined with an obsession with early 00’s music videos inspired me to learn more about photography and film.

After graduating from NTU I moved to London to work as a runner in film and photography studios. This eventually led to me getting my own commissions and building up a portfolio. Since then, I’ve worked all over the world, directing TV commercials in Hollywood, shooting editorials for Vogue and campaigns for designer brands.’

Catherine has worked in the photography and film industry for over 15 years. We asked her how the industry has changed in that time.

‘When I first started out, the photography industry was very posh, white and male. It could sometimes feel quite hostile. There is definitely still a lot of disparity in both film and photography, particularly at the top. However, things have improved enormously in the past 10 years. The industry is looking much more diverse now and the latest generation are proving that you don’t need to come from a particular background or look a certain way to carve out a successful career.'


Catherine’s work consists of colourful, eye-catching still-life shots (see her instantly recognisable campaign for IKEA) and entertaining tv commercials, produced in her signature bold and playful style. She explained that a ‘typical’ day in her role does not exist.

‘It varies hugely depending on what part of a job I'm at. Pre-production involves lots of emails, treatment PDFs, storyboards and conference calls. Shoot days are the most exciting as I see everything come together in the studio. Post-production days are sitting in with re-touchers, or if it's a film, editors and colourists.’

Her most recent photographic work, on behalf of the BBC, was capturing iconic props (including Pat Butcher’s earrings!) which are being auctioned for this years’ Comic Relief.

Alongside her commercial work, Catherine is an established artist, and works on personal projects which she has exhibited at venues including The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


One such project started as a lockdown hobby, growing seeds in make-shift containers which Catherine ‘fashioned’ from back issues of Vogue. This later turned into a photography project that made a stir and was featured in publications including the Guardian.

We asked Catherine how she balances personal projects alongside her commercial work, and why it is important to her to make time for this in her busy schedule.

I always have a list of personal projects and ideas that I aim to work on when I have some down time between commercial jobs. Commercial work does take precedent as it's how I earn a living, but there are quieter times in the year when I can focus on doing something for myself.

Personal projects offer me space to experiment and create something without deadlines or client expectation. I think it's a great way to create new and interesting work for my portfolio and explore new ideas and techniques.’

Catherine’s latest project is of particular importance to her; 'I was lucky enough to be part of an artist's residency in Ukraine, funded by the British Council.


I used my time there to research my family history, resulting in a documentary short and photography exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in Odesa- it was an amazing place to be based and they were incredibly accommodating, even letting me bring my partner and our baby along.

Their generosity enabled me to continue working despite recently becoming a Mum, which can be a real challenge. With the outbreak of the war in Ukraine it feels particularly poignant that me and my son were able to visit where our ancestors lived.’

Find out more about Catherine and her work:

Connect with Catherine on Linked In: Catherine Losing| LinkedIn

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