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Dani Mayo
The course itself provides everything necessary for you to begin a career in the fashion industry no matter what route you may choose to take.

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What made you choose to study International Fashion Business at NTU?"The location for me seemed fantastic to spend my final year! International Fashion Business offered multiple options to learn about the buying process, which was the career path I wanted to take, and this really helped me get into the industry."

What did you enjoy most about the course?"I really enjoyed the live briefs which gave me a good idea of what life was going to be like in the ‘real world', working to deadlines and dealing with businesses. I also really enjoyed the hands-on approach the course had with the work, allowing me to get stuck in and learn as much as possible in my own way."

Did you take part in any industry competitions?
"There have been several competitions including one with John Smedley. The buying team came in and chose the best piece of work and offered the winner a two week work placement which is really vital experience to kick start your career. A similar thing happened with Sainsbury's during our Global Sourcing module. Both were really amazing opportunities!"

Has the course included any guest speakers?"I particularly enjoyed a lecture from John Carlton, Head of Brand Buying and Design at Sainsbury's. It gave us a vital insight into the industry which really helped us with our project at the time. The knowledge and experience he had was next to none, and to hear his hints and tips when it came to a buying role has really helped in my career."

What has been the highlight of the course?"One of the best parts has to be the study trip to Copenhagen, it was one of the best trips I've ever been on! It was incredibly beneficial to see a different market and a different way of shopping when you only focus on the UK for most of the time. We also got tickets to CIFF (Copenhagen International Fashion Fair), an annual trade show where brands and buyers meet and negotiate prices / stock. As I am interested in being a buyer, the trip for me was incredible."

How do you think studying International Fashion Business has prepared you for your future career?"Upon completing my degree I felt that I had the necessary skills to go out and start my career as a Buyer and I am now working as a Category Assistant (Buying Assistant) at Boots. I don't feel that I would have had the confidence to go for the job if it wasn't for this course and the tutors."

What do you like about living and studying in Nottingham?"I personally love the city, even now I've left NTU I haven't left Nottingham! It is really good for shopping and there are lots of cafés which are great for meeting up and doing work."

Why would you recommend studying International Fashion Business at NTU?"It is an amazing city with lots for a student to do in their free time.  Studying International Fashion Business gives you the opportunity to meet so many interesting people from across the globe and make friends for life."

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