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Danielle Coe


United Kingdom
From specialised CAD tutorials, to technical yarn lectures, you get a really in depth knowledge into all areas of knitwear.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
"The course is very specific. It allows you to gain a very in depth knowledge into all areas of knitwear. It is both technical and creative in fashion design and textiles which really appealed to me. 

"The placement year was also a huge part, being able to gain a year of industry experience before graduating is invaluable."

What was your first impression of NTU?
"I came to an open day. The campus was really well laid out and in a great location. I though the knit rooms and studios had a vast amount of specialist equipment. Not just domestic machines but industrial hand flat, power machines and everything to construct a garment. 

"I also remember thinking was lots of space compared to other universities I had seen, and I liked the fact that the studios were open to all years most of the time."

What do you enjoy most about the Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textiles course at NTU?
"I enjoy the technical side and I find it so rewarding when I create something I am pleased with. I also love the design and research side, and the freedom of the machinery as well as the technical support. Because of this I'm always learning new skills and developing in all areas. This makes the course extremely rewarding when hard work is put into it."

Can you tell us about some of the live projects the course has included?
"I have been involved in two live projects, including a swatch project for SPINEXPO trade show in Shanghai. I was asked to re-knit two swatches I had already developed and we were supplied with yarn with the tutors deciding the colour way. I enjoyed knitting the samples and it was exciting to have my work involved in a trade show. 

Can you tell us about any industry competitions you've taken part in?
"At the beginning of the year I entered into a competition for the World Alpaca Conference. I found this brief really interesting and liked that I could take it in my own direction. Although I didn't get into the finals of the competition I thoroughly enjoyed the project and pushed myself extremely hard."

What do you think of the course staff?
"I find the staff to be extremely helpful and enthusiastic. The technical staff in both the knit room and the make up room are very knowledgeable. They are always willing to show you new techniques or help repair your work if anything goes wrong.

"The tutors are always around for advice if you are stuck with anything or feeling worried. If I am ever lost within a project I get great ideas and inspiration from talking to my tutors."

What do you think about the facilities for the course?
"I think we have excellent facilities at NTU. The studios are modern and of good size. There is everything to both knit and make up a garment and I rarely find myself waiting long for any of the machines.

"The amount of workspace is really valuable, and there is usually somewhere to pattern cut or do practical work when I need a lot of space. I also think the range of machinery is excellent. I have used most of the knit machines including the power knit, dubied, domestic and intarsia. There is also a circular machine that knits large of singe bed fabric which I am keen to try.

"I find the facilities in the Bonington building extensive. I use Photoshop and Illustrator regularly but don't have them installed on my laptop. However, there are many computers with this software on which is really useful. Bonington shop is always good when you need something urgently and so convenient being just around the corner form the knit area."

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?
"The campus is in such an ideal location and there is a great atmosphere around the University. Nottingham is not a big city which really appeals to me. Everything is easily accessible and there are so many students living all around the city."

Can you tell us about your placement year?
"I am currently on placement working for a Knitwear Manufacturing company called Brilliant Global. The company is based in Hong Kong which is such an exciting city. And being in Asia means we are able to visit the factory in China which I think is an extremely invaluable experience. 

"My role as Assistant Junior Knitwear designer so far, is really varied. I help out with everything from putting garments onto CAD, to changing colour ways and designing pattern and embellishment layouts. I also measure garments and put all of the technical information into the computer system. I have been working here for two months, and look forward to hopefully gaining more responsibility throughout the rest of the year."

What would you recommend your course?
"The course is so specialised, and there is an extensive variety of workshops available. From specialised CAD tutorials, to technical yarn lectures, you get a really in depth knowledge into all areas of knitwear. This proves to be extremely helpful in the industry. 

"There are so many great opportunities to get involved in. With effort, there is every possibility to achieve great things from the course. Nottingham is a great city to live in, and the campus is in an ideal location which makes everything extremely convenient."

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