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Glori Tsui collection


Hong Kong
Everything starts at NTU. My brand’s first collection was also my graduate collection. If I didn’t go to NTU, I think my whole career path would have been different.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“Coming from a background in illustration, and shifting to fashion design, I wanted a Masters programme that was more practical and allowed me to use the knowledge I already had. The MA Fashion Design degree was exactly what I wanted. Also, I liked Nottingham very much.”

What did you enjoy most about your course?
“I enjoyed meeting people from different places and countries. MA Fashion Design is not a big programme in terms of number of students. This therefore allows us to build relationships and enjoy time outside class and school. The tutors were very helpful, professional and patient. I learned so much from them.”

What did you think about the course staff?
“Since I was not from a fashion background, I found it very difficult when it came to producing a sample. However, my tutors were very supportive and patient with me. She spent extra time with me to help me with my paper patterns and taught me how to do it. The technical staff are very helpful as well. They are always very busy but are still patient and kind. I am very grateful to have had their help. My year in Nottingham would not have been as great without them.”

What did you think about the art and design facilities available to you?
“The facilities are great! Everything I need for my projects are there.”

As an international student, what did you like about studying and living in Nottingham?
“I like the size of Nottingham. It is not big like London or Manchester, but we pretty much have everything we need here. It is also very easy to travel to other parts of the UK by train, bus or even by plane. Nottingham also has historical and modern sides to it, and it was fun to live in.”

In a nutshell, why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study MA Fashion Design?
“NTU’s MA Fashion Design programme is very practical. Also the tutors and facilities are fantastic. I gained so much during my time there, not only in terms of the degree, but also culturally and socially. I formed new relationships with people and gained life experience.”

How has your career developed since leaving NTU?
“I am the founder and creative director of my own fashion label, Methodology. Buyers from the Hong Kong department store, Lane Crawford, saw my graduate collection and became my first stockiest. Methodology turns seven in 2018. Besides our own accessories and womenswear stores in Hong Kong, we also sell our collections at different stockists around the world.”

What does your current job involve?
“I create designs for the brand, and also provide art and design direction for other fashion brands. We have collaborative projects with other companies from time to time, like Swarovski, hotels, department stores, uniform projects, and more.”

How did NTU help you get to where you are today?
“Everything starts at NTU. My brand’s first collection was also my graduate collection. If I didn’t go to NTU, I think my whole career path would have been different.”

Were there any challenges along the way, and how did you overcome them?
“There were so many! Usually, I just try to be patient, try different methods and go from there. When I cannot overcome any challenges by myself, I will ask for help. Building up your own network is so important especially when you are running your own business.”

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