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Fashion Marketing and Branding covers a wide range of topics so you get a good insight into what is available within the fashion industry.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“I chose to study at NTU because of the reputation of the University for fashion. In 2015, The Business of Fashion ranked NTU 14th in the world for its BA fashion courses. It’s one of the most recognised universities outside of London, with excellent industry links.

“Nottingham in general is a perfect city for students. It’s not too big that it’s overwhelming but it’s big enough to explore, with annual events such as the Goose Fair and Christmas Market. NTU attracts students from all kinds of backgrounds so there are plenty of opportunities to make friends.”

What have you enjoyed most about your course so far?
“The course is a great balance of strategic and creative thinking. We are taught both the business side of the industry and the creative side, providing us with skills that can be applied to various roles after graduating. Fashion Marketing and Branding covers a wide range of topics so you get a good insight into what roles are available within the fashion industry. The course really allows you to discover what you like doing, as well as what you don’t.”

Has the course included any guest lectures?
“Yes, one I particularly enjoyed was given by Sophie Mattacott-Cousins, who is an NTU Fashion Marketing and Branding alumna from 2013. She is now an account manager at Grey’s Advertising in London and it was inspiring to see a graduate talk about her experience in the industry.”

How do you find the facilities?
“The course specific facilities here are excellent. There are a wide range of PCs and Macs available to use on campus with software including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. This saves you from having to purchase them yourself as they can be quite expensive.

“NTU is an amazing university, I’ve had the best experience and time here. Fashion Marketing and Branding is based on the city campus and I love it because all the buildings are pretty much next to each other. The library being open 24/7 its great, I do most of my work here so knowing that I can stay for as long as I like is brilliant; the Starbucks counter is a bonus too!”

Has the course provided you with any work experience opportunities?
“During my first year I interned at Venella One Management, a leading model and artists management agency. This was an opportunity which was emailed to us by our course lecturers. In Year Two we have the option to undertake a ten week placement in industry.”

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