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Jennifer Pickard


United Kingdom
You get so much out of pushing yourself into a completely new environment with new people and new experiences. I would highly recommend going on exchange, it was brilliant!

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What made you choose to study at NTU?
“The course was broad and touched upon a wide variety of careers within the fashion industry, which appealed to me as I knew I wanted to go into fashion, but wasn’t sure which aspect to pursue. Also, the campus feel and the way in which the campus is laid out really appealed to me. Other universities I looked at didn’t have this.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?
“My classmates who I work alongside make every university day a laugh and much more enjoyable than if I was to do it without them. I also enjoy the tutor / student relationship, it’s laid back and the tutors are easy to talk and relate to.”

Has the course included any live projects?
“We had a project with John Lewis whereby we had to design a window display that would be displayed in the Victoria Centre store window. It was great to get input from people in industry.”

What do you think about the course staff?
“I think the art and design staff are fantastic. They are enthusiastic about what they teach and specialise in certain areas. They also have industry experience that helps us students, as we learn a lot from them. They’re very involved and get to know you on a one-to-one basis, which is great because they help play to everybody’s strengths.”

How do you find our facilities?
“The facilities for the course are great. We have specific buildings for us which allows us to have a vast amount of space to work.”

Exchange to the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York

Can you tell us about your exchange to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York?
“I spent my first semester in my second year at FIT. I joined the fashion business management major with classes covering store window presentation, fashion business practices, introduction to the fashion industry, and marketing for manufacturers.”

Was there anything you were particularly worried about before leaving the UK, and any advice you’d give to future exchange students?
“I was worried about leaving my university friends behind and missing out on things back in the UK, and also putting myself into a completely new environment with no idea what to expect. However, I learned that it’s great to put yourself into situations that you wouldn’t normally do – you get so much out of pushing yourself into a completely new environment with new people and new experiences. I would highly recommend going on exchange, it was brilliant! Never again will I have the opportunity to do it again, and I’m very glad I took it!”

How did you find your course?
“My course was very different to NTU, there were no lectures or seminars, just classroom time which went on for three hours at a time. It was overwhelming at first but it soon becomes normal. You have a minimum of twelve hours of contact time a week. It was great to experience the education system in America, it’s very chatty and you get very involved in the class. It teaches you to participate more, and not be worried about joining in. It was a laugh and the more you put into it, the more you got out of it.”

How was your social life during the exchange?
“My social life was great – the accommodation I lived in, and being at FIT meant I got to meet plenty of new people. I still keep in contact with friends I made and I plan to go back to America to visit them. In my spare time, I explored Manhattan and Brooklyn.”

What was the highlight of your exchange?
“My highlight was going to the top of the rock and watching the sunset over Manhattan. Being able to explore and see something new every day, and be a part of a different culture was amazing. I got to experience my first thanksgiving, see the impact of the elections, and watch the city transform as it got to Christmas. I couldn’t say there was one highlight, the whole exchange was a highlight to my university experience.”

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