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Katie Riseley work


United Kingdom
This course has given me contacts for the future which is a big thing in the TV and film world.

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Why did you chose to study Design for Film and Television?
"I did an Art Foundation year and specialised in production design in my last project, deciding that it was the area that I wanted to go in to. Plus, my family are all mainly in the TV business so this influenced me even more, having done some work experience before starting the course."

What did you enjoy most about the course?
"The projects are all decided so well, and I loved the first year Dreamland project we did. Your imagination could flow to its extremes with that. Because the course only had around 40 students on it, we were quite a close group and we helped each other out a lot."

How did you find studying at NTU?
"Having come from the quiet countryside, moving to a busy city was a bit scary, but I got used to it quickly. The University is very close to the city centre which means the student accommodation is too, it's great. We had very good guest tutors in Year Three, who worked in the TV industry, so told us a lot of very useful tips and help us out lots with the difficult technical side of things. The Course Leader was always there for us if we were having troubles with anything, from problems with our studies to everyday life, she was like our University mum!"

Would you recommend NTU and your course?
"Yes I would, it's a lovely place and everything you need is close by. If you choose this course it is very hard work, but you have a lot to show at the end of it.  You'll look back at your first year work and think wow, comparing it to the portfolio you end up with in Year Three. You learn a lot and it will impress you"

Can you tell us about some of the work experience placements you completed on the course?
"I had three different industry placements. My favourite was on a Channel 4 comedy TV production called Campus. I worked in the art department with Dick Lunn, the art director from Hot Fuzz and The Mighty Boosh. He was a great person to work with and I assisted with the prop making and buying, did some training on film continuity and some on-set assistance too."

How do you think your degree will help you to gain employment?
"The course has given me contacts for the future which is a big thing in the TV and film world. The more contacts you have the more chance you'll get one calling up to say they need your help. At the end of our course we also took the exhibition of work to all the main London TV and film studios, which meant that more professionals could look at our work."

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