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Mihaela Markovich



NTU has the best reputation for Art and Design courses outside of London and seemed to be the obvious choice to specialise in knitwear here.

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"After doing a lot of research prior to studying here, I discovered that NTU had the best reputation for Art and Design courses outside of London. I wanted to specialise in knitwear and NTU seemed to be the obvious choice.

"My project title is Clothes That My Mother Wore and is based around me going into my mother's closet and picking things she has had for 20 or more years, which are always trendy and stylish. I came to do my master's with a clear idea that I did not wish to create another line of season-to-season garments, but I wanted to make something of a lasting quality and meaning. I started researching where this inner beauty comes from, questioning whether we can infuse life into clothes. This idea led me to hair, as animal hair is used in producing the yarns. Since then I've done a lot of experiments, one of them was cutting my friend's hair off and then using it in my drawings!

"I love our MA studio where everybody has their own space. Every day you get the chance to exchange opinions about work and new ideas with other creative practitioners. The studio is home to photographers, fine artists and graphic designers which creates a mix of eclectic creativity where everything seems to be possible.

"From the first day I came to England and NTU, I was amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone was. The staff here are amazing, they always provide useful advice and it is clear that they have lots of industry experience. Equipment such as the hand flat and power machines can be daunting when you haven't used them before however the technicians are very reassuring and approachable.

"Nottingham itself has a long tradition in knitwear and knitwear design, making it a great place to explore and experiment."


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