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Nagma Khan


NTU has changed my life goals and purpose. It has made me more skilled and intellectually rich enough to be an educator and motivator.

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Nagma graduated from NTU in 2018 and is now working as a lecturer across various digital design courses at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in India.

Can you tell us why you chose to study in the UK and why you chose NTU?
“England is full of rich history and distinctive cultures, which I was eager to explore. I chose NTU because of its impressive reputation in design, and the fact that Nottingham is known to be a student-friendly city.”

What route did you take into postgraduate study?
“I graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion Design, and worked in industry as a fashion designer and user interface/user experience creative for four years. After purchasing a digital drawing tablet, I realised I wanted to explore more forms of visual culture and design language. That’s why I chose illustration as my specialised skill.”

How did you feel about coming to a UK university?
“It was an immense pleasure studying at NTU and learning about the professional work culture in England. Being an aspiring educator, I learned more about various teaching methodologies, which are different from East Asia. I felt really productive while working with people from different countries, and it helped me to understand different ideologies and human interaction.”

What were the key features that attracted you to your course?
“Since childhood, I was fascinated by sketches. One day while I was working as a fashion designer, my senior saw me doodling in my free time, and he suggested that I become an illustrator. A few of my colleagues taught me how to use a digital tablet. While exploring my potential in illustration, I realised I wanted to work on the visual aspects of design rather than the finished product.

“I decided to become a graphic designer, and after gaining some experience, I decided to refine my design approach with a research-based methodology. I built a portfolio in my spare time, and thankfully I got selected by NTU. During my course, my professors inspired me a lot, which is why I chose education as my prime career route.”

What did you particularly enjoy about the course?
“I found the practical workshops quite useful. We were engaged in practical aspects of design development where we could directly relate our experiences. I loved our collaborative workshops with other departments such as animation, fashion, photography, and fine art. This definitely helped us to understand how a polymath designer works.”

How did the way you study at NTU differ from your previous experience of studying?
“There is generally less pressure, and more encouragement. All professors and staff members are approachable, and there is a friendly feel on campus, and within the course. Also, the student support centre is really helpful.”

What did you think about the facilities at NTU?
“The course facilities were excellent. The studios were open for a considerable amount of time each day, and the work areas were neat and clean. We could also access other studios like fashion, and I learned how to draw on a touch screen for the first time in an animation studio. There was always a helping staff member to guide us if there was a problem. My final Masters exhibition was a hit, and it’s thanks to staff members from every workshop and studio. Everything was an amazing unforgettable experience.”

What was your greatest achievement as a postgraduate student at NTU?
“I have gained tremendous respect in my field due to the recognised degree I have received from such a prestigious institution – NTU. The moment I acknowledge to somebody that I am from NTU, I can feel that my presence is welcome, and that makes me proud of my University.

“NTU has changed my life goals and purpose. It has made me more skilled and intellectually rich enough to be an educator and motivator. I am proud to say now that I am not just an employee, I am a responsible contributor to our society.”

How has your career developed since leaving NTU?  
“My professors were really supportive and definitely helped me to become a better designer, and a better person. They inspired me to become a part of the education community, to help build a better society.

“I’m currently working as a lecturer across various digital design courses at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, the prime design institute of fashion education in India. I regularly attend seminars and faculty workshops to improve my teaching skills.”

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