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Nygilia McClain


United States of America
I chose to study at NTU because I liked the opportunity of being able to tackle my own kind of project. I was given the opportunity to brand and write a storybook that I can call my own. That’s something I’ll always be grateful for.

More about Nygilia

Nygilia was a basketball scholar, and published her own book Song of Jade in 2017.

Can you tell us about your Masters project?
“Well, I had this story in my mind since 2015. It was about a month or so before I received my Bachelor’s degree. I had a dream about a Caribbean princess and her going on some adventure. I shared this idea with one of my classmates. After I graduated, I worked for a year and saved money before coming to NTU.

“Sometimes, that same dream would come back, but in various ideas. I decided that NTU would be the way for me to make this story come to life. I had to alter the story various times, until I came up with the perfect solution. I wanted the target audience to focus on Millennials. I decided to dig deeper and revolve the hidden plot around the effects of divorce and separation on adolescents and young adults. Song of Jade is a book series, and I’m proud to have finished the first book.”

What do you enjoy most about your course at NTU?
“I enjoy being around open minds and passionate artists. Every project is different and I have met some pretty cool people. I also like how diverse the course is. Even though I am the only American, I feel right at home. I’ve made some great friendships at NTU.”

What made you choose to study at NTU?
“I chose to study at NTU because I liked the opportunity of being able to tackle my own kind of project. Though Song of Jade had to be tweaked here and there, I was given the opportunity to brand and write a storybook that I can call my own. That’s something I’ll always be grateful for.”

How did you find the course staff?
“The course staff were easy going and would really listen if you needed help or advice. The tutors were encouraging and in the end, the exhibition was a great example of our hard work.”

What do you think about the facilities available to you?
“Great. It was nice having our own space as postgraduate students. However, I was a big library geek, since it was open 24-7 during term time. I have memorable all-nighters in that building. My friends and family thought I lived there because I was always there doing course work.”

As an international student, what do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?
“The atmosphere is nice. I believe that is what attracted me to the city the most. Living there for 11 months made me appreciate England, and I became comfortable to travel more. I also became more confident being so far from home. Regardless of my nationality, Nottingham is like a second home to me now. I have people who are like family residing there.”

Why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone thinking of studying MA Graphic Design?
“If you are looking for an opportunity to do something you always wanted to try or advance on, NTU is the place to go. As I mentioned above, I published a storybook. I wrote it, illustrated it, and did some branding for it as well. I tackled a dream and accomplished it, thanks to NTU.”

How do you think the course, and having a postgraduate qualification, will help you to progress your career?
“I believe my postgraduate experience has gained me one of life’s most important qualities when it comes to careers, and that is connections. I know more people now, even on professional level. I also got to do an internship at NTU through the Creative Radar. That helped me build my designs more, as well as build more connections with people.”

Can you tell us more about your NTU Sport Scholarship? What are your plans for the future for basketball?
“My sports scholarship allowed me to take on studies and play basketball again, which is something I have always dreamed of doing overseas. As for my future in basketball, I hope I get the chance to play in the national or professional league. Regardless, I just love basketball and enjoy playing the game.”

Can you tell us more about the job you have lined up in the UK?
“I am currently looking at internships in firms and will also freelance design for people.”

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
“I see myself writing stories and using my skills of art and storytelling for children / young adults. There’s nothing more exciting than bringing an idea to life. I wouldn’t mind working for Pixar or Disney. My current dream is to get Song of Jade published and then on to the big screen as a movie.”

How did you find out about NTU before you applied?
“I found out by researching art schools in Europe. When I saw NTU’s website, I was drawn to the fact that it was a very diverse school. The awards were intriguing as well.”

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