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Completing a year in industry gives you confidence. You are a key team player and people rely on you – making you feel valued and an essential member of your team.

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Olivia completed a year-long industry placement at ASOS as a womenswear buyers admin assistant (BAA) at their head office in London. Here she tells us about her role and how she finds studying BA (Hons) Fashion Management.

Can you tell us a little bit about your main responsibilities at ASOS?
“As a BAA you are in charge of sample management. You need to know where your samples are at all times. I was responsible for following the sample from the design stages all the way through to it going live on site. This involved being in charge of initial samples, fit samples, gold seal samples, getting the product shot, and finally making sure it was ready to go live on the ASOS website.

“I also had to be aware of how different products were selling, and analysing whether any additional activity could improve sales. For example, this might involve getting the product reshot with different styling or changing the main image so it looks new and different on website. It is very important to always remember how customers view your product, only one image determines whether or not they will click on the product, so it has to be the best that it can be!”

What have been the highlights of your placement?
“A highlight of my time at ASOS included seeing a dress that I was involved in the design stage going live and becoming a best seller!

“Another highlight of mine was speaking in front of the Director of Womenswear about my time at ASOS. Although nerve-wracking, it was a great experience and allowed for me to reflect on what I had achieved! In a buying role it is important to have strong verbal presentation skills as you’re often expected to talk about your best performing styles in front of management at least once a week – making it so important to be a confident public speaker.”

How do you feel your placement has prepared you for industry?
“Completing a year in industry gives you confidence. You are a key team player and people rely on you – making you feel valued and an essential member of your team. In the fashion buying business everyone knows everyone, so one good review from a Senior Buyer can really help you in the future.

“During a placement year you meet a lot of people who can help you out - not only with your career but your last year at University too.Working in a branded team means you work with lots of other brands, for example, footwear work with over 60 brands. That’s a lot of networking without even trying!”

What do you most enjoy about your course?
“The lecturers and academic team on Fashion Management really care about where you end up. There’s a huge focus on life after university and getting you the career you really want.”

Has the course included any guest speakers?
“We’ve had a brilliant selection of speakers come in, many of which spoke to us about gaining a placement and provided us with inside knowledge about interviews and applications.”

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