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Veronica Rincon


I’d recommend my course because of the many opportunities you get to experiment and develop your art style. There are also many professional opportunities that the course provides.

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Can you tell us about your Masters project?
“My current project is developing a children's picture book in relation to the healthy development of emotional intelligence. I’ve been exploring how to communicate this complex subject through storytelling, visual sequence and character development. To come up with this idea, I had to review one of the first projects I did at the beginning of my course, which led me to experiment and develop my current art style.”

What do you enjoy most about your course at NTU?
“I enjoy the variety of workshops we have as there is always something different to explore. I also thought the different guest speakers and events related to the creative industry were really useful.”

What made you choose to study at NTU?
“The course content and approach was crucial to my choice of university. I liked the idea of sharing classes with students from graphic design and branding. Also, NTU’s good reputation in art design also influenced my decision.”

How do you find the course staff?
“The course staff are really inspiring and encouraging. They’re always helping us look for all possible directions we can take in our research. I’m also really grateful that they keep reminding us about opportunities that are available to help us gain experience and improve our portfolios.”

As an international student, what do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?
“It is a great student city. Nottingham is such an arty and creative city and offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for international students.”

Have you been on any study/class trips?
“I went to Manchester for a design conference with my classmates and some staff members, and it was great as I’d never been there before.”

Why would you recommend your course to someone thinking of studying it?
“I’d recommend the course because of the many opportunities you get to experiment and develop your art style. There are also many professional opportunities that the course provides.”

How do you think the course, and having a postgraduate qualification, will help you to progress your career?
“Doing this course has helped me to develop a competitive visual style which I feel comfortable with, while giving me a more critical opinion on my own work. I am now more confident in making decisions.”

Can you tell us more about how your scholarship has helped you?
“I was awarded with the UK University of the Year Masters Scholarship. I found out about this opportunity after I was accepted on to the course. It has definitely helped boost my confidence and supported my financial situation. I was also part of an event that celebrated NTU’s scholarship winners, and I was able to network with fellow students.”

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