Yashmin Sira



United Kingdom
The Textile Design staff are incredibly helpful and always willing to assist and listen.

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"I chose NTU because the Textile Design course has a great reputation. I was aware of the brilliant facilities and workshops that are available and I found these to be so much better than at other universities.

"The aspects of the course that I enjoy the most are the workshops. They enable me to learn and develop my skills and be more experimental with my style and work. In the first year we had workshops within the different disciples of textiles. I found this incredibly helpful, as I have become more confident to cross disciplines within my work. I have also become more adventurous and open-minded about different skill sets.

"During my second year, I took part in a live project with Harlequin. I'm a massive fan of the company, so to be able to showcase my design/portfolio in this brief was incredible. I really enjoyed this project, as I was part of a team and I found the dynamics exciting and creative. In the end, my team work won this live brief with our collection of fabrics and I was individually awarded a week's work placement with Harlequin.

"The Textile Design staff are incredibly helpful and always willing to assist and listen. The teaching staff have been vital and have great industry knowledge. They have aided me to develop my portfolio of work and also the way in which I approach my work. The experience and insight they have has influenced me and the feedback from tutorials and at the end of modules has enabled me to progress and flourish. The exceptional standard of staffing also includes the workshop technicians who are on hand to help with my queries and any problems I run into during the workshops."

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