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Aimee Eaton, NTU BA English student


United Kingdom
The different modes of teaching and assessments provide a helpful aspect in widening my skills for my future career.

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What were the key features that attracted you to your course?  

“The wide range of options for modules that I had never thought about before, appreciating the subject and art of English Literature even more than before. It has allowed me to develop a thorough knowledge of literary history and theoretical criticism and enhance my understanding of a wide range of cultures and traditions worldwide. Also, the different modes of teaching and assessments provide a helpful aspect in widening my skills for my future career.”

What did you enjoy most about your course?

"The offer of the NTU extra-curricular activities and the prompts to attend English Research Seminars inspired me to be more out of my comfort zone and be open to learning about new things regarding Literature, showing the University really cares about its students. Also, the wide depth of each module ensured that I knew exactly what I was prepared for and increased my passion to learn about new ideologies surrounding English Literature."

What would you describe as the real strengths of your course?

“The Humanities staff at Nottingham Trent University are the biggest asset to the university, as they approve of every different idea a student has and encourages further education for every individual. Not only this, but the staff are also particularly helpful with support and guidance whenever unsure about something, it makes me so happy to be an NTU student. The library and the wide range of study spaces make it very accessible and motivating for an English student, as the environmental space is the most important factor for studying English. The LibraryOnesearch provides English students with an unlimited amount of research methods and is very inclusive.”

What topics/projects have you really felt engaged with?

“The most engaging project has had to be the Curating Literary module I am currently participating in. Providing students with the individuality of creating their very own magazine of their own subject and creating/ participating in the Events launch as a team must be the most inspiring and independent module due to the personal gain I have achieved from it. Not to mention, the Black Writing in Britain course has been very distinct and like no other. The diversity of the Literature involved with this course is very beneficial, as we have had the opportunity to utilise films, poetry as well as books.”

What has been your greatest achievement as a Nottingham Trent University student?

“My greatest achievement at NTU has been the better individual I have become since studying here. I have met many friends and lovely staff who have gone above and beyond to aid my journey at NTU, and I have overcome so many boundaries I wouldn’t normally step over in my life, like public speaking. Being a part of such a small but homely course has further boosted my passion for such an amazing subject that I initially didn’t have before studying here.”

In a nutshell, why would you recommend your course / NTU to prospective students?

“I would recommend English at Nottingham Trent and the university overall due to the enthusiasm the university has exceeded, to provide each individual with the maximum capacity of knowledge and guidance towards their later careers.”

English, Linguistics and Creative Writing at NTU

Words are worlds, and they demand exploration. Studying English, linguistics or creative writing requires a deep passion for language, an intellectual curiosity, and the ability to explain yourself with imagination and intelligence.

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