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Course studied: ULP - French (Stage 6)

United Kingdom
The ULP is worth enrolling onto, if not for the knowledge and academic credit then for the social and cultural experience.

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“I’m studying French at stage 6. I’ve always engaged with foreign languages and thought the ULP would be a stimulating addition to the rest of my course modules.

“I initially heard about the ULP during Welcome Week in first year, through leaflets and the Online NOW reminders. However, I decided to get involved with the ULP after hearing about it in our yearly Arts and Humanities Joint Honours course meeting.

“The ULP provides an opportunity to develop existing language skills in a new and interesting environment. It also offers a diverse student environment where various resources and methods are used to make the learning process more engaging and effective.

“During our ULP classes we get to use PCs to explore online language-related resources. There is also helpful library resources available, such as dictionaries and audio-visual materials.

“Tutors are supportive and always prompt to help with issues that arise during the preparation of assessments or are there to answer any academic questions. My personal achievement on the ULP was the oral presentation, which I managed to carry out in French, which was part of our formative learning tasks.

“This year on the ULP, I had an assessment based on extensive listening of current French news, the debate on sex stereotyping, watched a French film about immigration as well as reading French fables.

“Studying on the ULP has helped me develop critical thinking and debate skills and has given me an ability to cooperate with others, all of which can be applied to future contexts.

“In the future I would like to get involved in intergovernmental institutions or organisations. The ULP has widened my perspective on different options and has given me one more asset to use in the future.

“The ULP is worth enrolling onto, if not for the knowledge and academic credit then for the social and cultural experience.”

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