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BA (Hons) History 3rd year student, Sophie Oxtoby


United Kingdom
NTU definitely stood out with the variety of modules that are offered and the range of topics that are covered.

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What were the key features that attracted you to your course?

I have always loved History and felt like I excelled in it. When I went to take a tour of the campus and meet the History lecturers during an open day, I was instantly put at ease by how welcoming the staff were. The main components that stuck out to me about the course was the wide breadth of time that was covered as well as the coverage of world history as opposed to just being focused on the UK. I liked the consideration that had not only gone into learning the subject of History itself but into the transferrable skills that will make me stand out as a graduate after my time at NTU comes to an end. Lastly, a big concern of mine after finishing college and going into university was exams, a big selling point at NTU for me was the diversity of examination methods that take place, although there are certain assignments that are a written essay, there’s an accumulation of different outputs you could be asked to produce such as writing an article, creating a podcast or even making a short film. The course appeared to be something that would keep me engaged and excited which confirmed my choice.

Is there anything about your course that stood out to you, perhaps that wasn’t offered anywhere else you applied?

From going to other open days, NTU definitely stood out with the variety of modules that are offered and the range of topics that are covered. Other universities that I applied to appeared to be concentrated on one specific period whereas NTU covered a plethora of time periods from all over the world. Niche subjects are encouraged at NTU.

What would you describe as the real strengths of your course?

Firstly, the staff, each lecturer on the history course are so unapologetically passionate about their chosen subject and it shows within the workshops and seminars with the excitement that is bought every single day (even during those 9am seminars). The knowledge that each lecturer has on their subject area is exceptional meaning that each week leaves you excited for the next. Help is always on hand for those who feel like they need a little bit of extra support meaning that every single student sat in a workshop has the same opportunities as the person sitting next to them.

What topics / projects have you really felt engaged with?

I have been lucky enough to feel engaged with most topics and projects that I have competed during my time at NTU. In particular, I have managed to find my niche during my time studying British war and society which has been a particular interest point for me. In addition to this, the chance that I was given to take different workplace modules during second and third year that has given me practical experience to enhance my CV and employability has been very engaging for me as it has given me the opportunity to ‘test the waters’ on my chosen profession and enabled me to decide that teaching was the route for me.

What has been your greatest achievement as a Nottingham Trent University student?

My greatest achievement at NTU has undoubtedly been the personal progression that I’ve not only seen in myself, but family and friends have seen in me too. I started my time at NTU being unsure within myself and my academic ability, now towards the tail end of my degree, I find myself believing that I can not only get by in my degree, but I can excel. I constantly want to better myself and my grades and although it has taken time, I am fully confident in my ability to be an academic. An achievement that has enabled me to get to this point is becoming a Student Ambassador during my second year which I was very proud of as it gave me the chance to represent my university.

In a nutshell, why would you recommend your course / NTU to prospective students?

Choosing to do History at NTU was the best choice I have made. The city is the perfect student area, the campus’ offer a safe and rich learning environment and the community surrounding you is one of support and encouragement.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your course or your experiences at NTU? Do you have any advice for students considering coming to NTU?

Having to choose what to do with your future at 18 is a daunting experience, as a homebird I knew I didn’t want to leave home but also didn’t want to sacrifice my education to pick the university closest to me, which didn’t feel right. I then found NTU. I had the luxury of being a 15-minute drive from campus which would enable me to commute and when I went to the open day, it was evident that I belonged at NTU. If you are considering coming to NTU, my advice is to take full advantage of the open days and really get a sense of the environment, meet the staff on your course and speak to students who are currently studying.

History and heritage is a route to your future. Challenge your digital literacy, analytical, interpretive and communication skills to open up limitless professional possibilities.

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