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Amber Tipper
My wish to enter a new career path with excellent leadership capabilities has encouraged me to choose MBA. This degree has given me strategic knowledge needed to climb even higher.

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What made you decide to do a Masters degree?
My wish to enter a new career path with excellent leadership capabilities has encouraged me to choose MBA. This degree has given me strategic knowledge needed to climb even higher. It is the best way for me to gain insight and understanding into a completely different field enabling me to see the interconnectedness of my actions.

Why did you choose Nottingham Business School?
As I have completed my undergraduate degree from the Nottingham Trent University, I have experienced the quality of education delivered at the university.

I also considered the other universities in Leeds and Durham as my options but NBS seemed to be a perfect fit for me because they have a positive contribution to student’s experience.

I personally chose to study here because of the outstanding reputation of the university across the world. Based on my experience, I feel NBS is genuinely interested in graduating the students with a positive experience.

When picking a University to study a Masters what do you consider it important to have?
For me, the key factors were the dedicated Employability Team, the recent awards and accreditations won by the university and the reasonable cost of living in the city of Nottingham. These factors played a vital role in influencing my decision.

Can you explain a little about your course? What do you enjoy?
I enjoy the level of knowledge I am gaining from this course. My tutors are supportive and are extremely helpful when I am struggling with any situation.

MBA is an intensive course and has prepared me for a wider range of challenges. The pressure is challenging at times but it has taught me to work under pressure enabling me to take on a more senior position in future.

What key skills have you developed during studies?
I have significantly developed the critical thinking skills. I now have the ability to view the situations with different perspective and tackle situations in an innovative way.

I am the ‘Student Representative’ for my course which has greatly contributed towards my personal development. I am also a student member of IOD (Institute of Directors). This helped in building my network with the directors of bigger businesses and also made me confident to communicate effectively in the professional world.

How does Nottingham Business School provide you with support, advice and guidance?
I have been provided with a Personal Academic Mentor who helps me to set out my personal objectives and create a development plan to achieve them. I have explored different career paths alongside my course and developed skills through various workshops. I have received effective support, advice and guidance throughout my journey of study.

What do you think about Nottingham as a city for students?
I definitely love Nottingham! Coming from a small town back home, it would have been very challenging for me to cope up with the fast-paced city like London. Nottingham has the best of both the worlds; it is a busy city with reasonable living cost and also offers the opportunity for some quite time with various parks and outdoor activities.

How has the Masters degree differed from your undergraduate experience?
My Masters degree is more innovative than my undergraduate experience. Time management is the key for this course. I have learnt to effectively manage my time for coursework, social life and various workshop opportunities available at our university. This has given me valuable skillsets to use for my future job applications.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at Nottingham Business School?
I would say go for it! It is a great place to study and offers many opportunities for professional and personal development.

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