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Andrea Crespo-Gomez


The number of international students is great. The variety of culture in NTU is amazing and you have the chance to work with and learn about many different people.

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"I’m an international student and the differences between my home university and NTU are significant. I like the encouragement at NTU - an academic tutor is always available for you and the personalisation and support at NTU is good. In Valencia, there is less “freedom” and you have to adhere to what is expected, whereas at NTU, independent learning allows you to be more innovative and to do things in your style.

"Nottingham Business School has influenced my career path immensely. I now feel more comfortable in a variety of business aspects and I am able to communicate in English easier.  I’ve had the chance to discover that Marketing is what I enjoy and is the direction I’d like my career to take.

"There is so much to get involved with at NBS. The most important ones for me were ‘The Oath Project’. Alongside 4 friends, I have been leading the committee. I have also been a Spanish Language Mentor, I’ve collaborated in the Periodic School Review, I’ve engaged in many different CPD events, especially library ones, and I also applied to the IDM Summer School. There are many opportunities at Nottingham Business School but you have to take the initiative and work hard.

"Nottingham is perfect for students, I fell in love with it. The city is small which means everything is nearby and it’s not expensive at all, in comparison with other cities in the UK”.

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