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The university social experience is incredible, of course academic side of university is very important but what makes NTU special is the people.

More about Aneurin

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Aneurin and I came from Hong Kong. I am currently in my 3rd year of studying BA(Hons) Business Management and Marketing here at NTU. This year, I am working for NTU as a full-time staff member as part of my placement year, gaining valuable work experience from one of the best in the industry. Outside of academic and work, I am also a rugby referee who referees numerous rugby games in East Midlands.

Why did you choose to study at Nottingham Trent University?

The reason why I chose NTU to pursue my degree is because the student satisfaction is very high. NBS is one of the best business schools in Europe, which provides me chances to expand my global vision in the business field and also many opportunities to network with businesses from local to worldwide ones. Since I joined NTU, I have been given many opportunities to develop my future and I am very much enjoying my time.

How did you feel about coming to the UK to study?

Studying in the UK is definitely a great chance for me to grow independently. Living in Nottingham on your own is a great way to gain life skills – you will have to learn cooking for yourself and friends, washing your clothes, cleaning your house, etc.

Likewise, I feel the cultural diversity of life in British higher education is unrivalled, UK is a place that’s accepting of so many different cultures and rich history, where ancient buildings sit alongside contemporary architecture.

Tell us about your course. What is the best bit?

This course allows me to take part in a ‘real-world’ business simulation task, imitating the experience of running a business with a group of fellow students. I think the best bit about my course is the placement opportunity. It has given me an insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face, as well as increase my skills and competencies which are highly sought after by employers, which I feel will better prepare me for life after graduation.

I understand you have just started a work placement as part of your course. Can you tell us about it?

I am very happy that I have managed to get a placement job during the global pandemic and lucky enough to work at NTU. If you're on a sandwich course, you'll typically complete the placement between your second and final year of study. You'll be assessed and receive academic credit for the placement when you graduate and I think this gives us a unique way of standing out when applying graduate roles.

During my time working for NTU, it gives me opportunities to gain experience from different work streams and teams. My colleagues are very friendly and I felt I was welcomed by the team when I started in September 2020.

You’ve been very much involved in societies at NTU. Please can you tell our future students a bit more about your role and the society you are a part of?

Yes indeed, I was elected as the Vice President of NTSU Oriental Society in 2019-2020 academic year. During my time in the society, I was there to make everyone enjoy their time in Nottingham and within the society.

Oriental Society is about meeting new people, making friends and creating everlasting bonds. They have members from different nationalities such as Hongkongers, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and so on. There are events weekly, from badminton, to karaoke, to hotpot/ Chinese food, and club nights. The best bit about this is that we welcome people of all nationalities, and we’re like one big family.

How have you found living independently? Are you staying in halls of residence or private accommodation?

I am currently living in 2-bedroom flat in the city centre, I have one flatmate and I met him in my first year. I think it just feels freeing to be able to live independently. There’s no question about that. it’s freeing because, my routine won’t get disrupted by other people, because there’s no one there to disrupt it. For instance, for simple things like, I get to decide when I want to cook, or when I want to shower. I don’t have to wait for anyone. Of course, I still have my flatmate, and I’m well aware of that. But, in my own space, I get to make decisions and that’s important to me.

What do you think are the best things about Nottingham for an international student?

People and nightlife, Nottingham - It’s a city that buzzes with students, and the exciting gig venues and nightclubs where they let their hair down. The nights here are spontaneous and full of energy – from bars dedicated to ping pong to pubs rumoured to the be oldest in England, there’s an exciting new adventure around every corner. It also gives you great opportunities to meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

What would be the biggest and most important piece of advice that you would give to future NTU students?

I would say take most advantage of different opportunities, be yourself and don’t be afraid of new things. Be confident and ask questions when you don’t understand! No question is ever silly.

How would you describe the social environment at NTU?

The university social experience is incredible, of course academic side of university is very important but what makes NTU special is the people.

Any other comments about NTU?

Very good university experience with extremely supportive tutors, a buzzing nightlife with lots of clubs and bars. It’s a lot of fun meeting new people and creating memories that you will never forget.

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