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Antra Vidinevica


Having the opportunity to study abroad for a year in France has been one of my highlights whilst studying at NTU.

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Why did you choose NTU and your course?

“When visiting NTU at an Open Day, I soon realised that this would be the right option for me. The students and staff offered great help and I was able to ask questions comfortably. The university itself is very modern and had a great atmosphere. I chose my course because it was very well structured, offered a lot of useful information about the modules and the opportunities in the future. In addition, the course offered us the chance to have an international experience so I thought that this would be hugely valuable.”

What has stood out about Nottingham Business School?

“The Nottingham Business School is an extremely vibrant place, offering students many opportunities through the different events they host, as well as the overall support given throughout the whole school.”

What is your favourite thing about your course?

“I have enjoyed the variety of different modules that we have been taught throughout the years, as well as having many interactive and engaging lessons, making the learning experience more interesting. Having the opportunity to go and study abroad for a year in France during my placement year has been one of my highlights whilst studying at NTU.”

Can you tell us a bit about your placement?

“I decided to study abroad for a year in Marseille, France, at the KEDGE Business School. It was one of the best decisions that I have made, as I was able to learn and grow so much as an individual. Studying abroad allowed me to connect with people from across the globe, enabling me to learn about different cultures and languages, as well as making friends for life. Studying at KEDGE was an incredible experience. I got a great insight into the way people are taught there, helping me adapt my ways of learning. Overall, I would recommend studying abroad to anyone because it is an unforgettable experience.”

How have you found Nottingham as a city?

“Nottingham is a huge student city, which is wonderful because there is always something that students can experience and do. Also, there are many places available for us to study or simply meet up with a friend. I have loved living in Nottingham during my studies because everything is very central and convenient.”

What do you think of the support available at NTU?

“The support offered at NTU is incredible. The course staff have been amazing from the very first day, as they have always offered support and guidance. As our studies are currently online, all staff have been working hard to ensure that we get the same support as we would if we were working face-to-face. We are able to book online one-to-one meetings, which is useful and allows faster communication. In addition, the employability team and the global lounge have been great, especially when going through the process of applying for universities abroad.”

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