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Chloe Tiozzo
I feel the Dual Award will give me more credibility and make my profile more competitive in the international business field.

More about Chloe

Current job role: Trainee International Recruitment Officer
Company: Nottingham Trent University

Before Nottingham Business School (NBS)

Prior to joining NBS, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages Applied to Business (LEA) at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in France.

During my final year, I had the chance to spend a year abroad with the Erasmus exchange programme. Nottingham Trent University (NTU) was one the partner institutions of my home university. I applied to go there and was accepted.

After spending a year at NTU, I decided that I wanted to stay and I applied for a postgraduate degree I was interested in.

Why Nottingham Business School?

When choosing a Business School and Masters degree to study, it was important to me that the institution was accredited, had a good ranking, operated in a multicultural environment and offered scholarships. All of which I found at NBS.

Thanks to my bachelor’s Degree I have been able to develop an international network and from this, I wanted to specialise myself in International Business. I enjoyed the study environment at NTU and the support I received while I was there.

Before applying for a Masters degree at NTU, I looked at the programme opportunities and I also met with a postgraduate recruitment employee who advised me on which degree would be the most suitable for me. They also gave me some additional information about the courses I was interested in.

Why MSc International Business (Dual Award)?

When I looked at the Masters degrees offered by NBS, I found exactly what I was looking for and I decided that I wanted to only apply for NTU. What stood out for me was the MSc International Business Dual Award programme, but also all they key features offered by NBS such as the employability team, the study environment and student support.

The key feature offered for Dual Award students is the opportunity to study abroad for a semester, it is very important in my opinion as living abroad can develop multicultural awareness which is crucial for international business. As part of my bachelor’s degree I studied Mandarin and one of the partner institutions for the Dual Award programme is in Taiwan which was a great opportunity for me to improve my Mandarin and to develop my network there.

What key skills have you developed?

I have developed a lot more confidence while studying at NBS and I believe my communication and cultural awareness have improved thanks to the diversity of the students enrolled on my course. The time spent in Taiwan has helped me to approach people with confidence, work effectively and convey ideas with clarity.

How different is postgraduate study from undergraduate study?

The degree is a lot more academically rigorous and stimulating which helps me to enjoy my postgraduate education and experience.

Will the MSc International Business Dual Award set you apart in the job market?

I think obtaining two Masters degrees in 15 months will make me stand out as it is an intense programme. The time spent abroad is also beneficial to my career as it gives me a wider appreciation of global culture and knowledge.

I feel the Dual Award will give me more credibility and make my profile more competitive in the international business field. I am a native French speaker and I decided to study in the UK and study abroad in Taiwan. This level of international exposure has shown that I can adapt to a different working environment. It also demonstrates my academic resilience which I hope will appeal to the job market.

Tell us about Nottingham

I enjoy living in Nottingham as it is a vibrant city and the transport services are very good making it easy to go anywhere you wish. I enjoy living and studying in the UK. Something that surprised me last year was the queuing system at the bus stop which I think is brilliant, it is not something very common to find in France.

My English language skills have improved a lot in a year and half and I owe this improvement to having to interact with native English speakers daily, I have tried to avoid speaking French as much as possible and I still do even if I am away in Taiwan.

What can a week in Nottingham look like for a Masters student?

It can seem very busy and not very busy at the same. My lectures were all gathered in two days on my timetable as we had one module to complete every four weeks and it can seem that you have a lot of spare time but studying in the UK requires a student to do a lot of independent work.

How did you find the personalised support of the NBS team prior to starting your degree?

I was very happy with all the support I received from the NBS team, they advised me and helped me quickly and successfully.

What are your career plans?

I would like to pursue a career in cross-cultural management as I have developed a significant interest in this field since I started my Masters degree at NBS. I am also interested in a wide range of international business management positions as well as human resource management positions since I have been studying Global Human Resources Management in Taiwan.

I really believe that studying at NBS has opened new possibilities and positively influenced my career path.

Would you recommend NBS?

I would recommend NBS to prospective students and I have already recommended it to one of my friend who is looking to apply for a degree at NBS.

Finally, in one sentence, how would you describe your experience of studying a Masters degree at NBS?

It is an intense and positive experience that develops many professional skills thanks to the teaching and all they key features available to NBS students.

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