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Eloise Welch


United Kingdom
NBS has a strong focus on employability and the careers service has such good connections with many well-established companies.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?  

“I didn’t know much about Nottingham as a city before I moved here but I visited NTU on an Open Day and could just see myself studying here. The Business School had the best reputation out of all the courses I had looked into and the opportunities they offered really stood out to me. It was my first choice without a doubt.”

What were the key features that attracted you to your course?

“I was really interested in the modules in 2nd and 3rd year, with the option to focus on a module of my choice. The variety of modules on the course allows you to explore all areas of marketing and also provides an insight into how well-established companies use marketing strategies to become market leaders. NTU marketing students get the opportunity to gain CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) qualifications. This is something that not many universities offer and is often desired by employers.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?

“The course includes a wide range of teaching methods including lectures, seminars, workshops and student led learning. It is refreshing and engaging to mix up the way we are taught. We are also given many presenting opportunities, something I wanted to become more proficient in, as a career in a marketing role will require strong presenting skills.”

What do you think about the course staff – include lecturers, tutors, administrators and technical staff within this. How do they support your learning and University experience?

“The course and module leaders are so helpful and have given me such good guidance throughout my time at NTU. They really want you to do well and if you put in the effort, they will put the effort in back. It’s so great to also be assigned a personal tutor, someone to discuss your personal and professional development with, and to raise any concerns about work and deadlines. Having that support there is so reassuring.”

What do you think about the facilities available to you?:

“NBS is spacious and modern with great study areas set up to work in during exam season. The E-learning facilities including journals, webinars and e-textbooks have been especially helpful when writing up coursework.”

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?

“I’ve loved living in Nottingham. It’s such an exciting city with Nottingham Business School (NBS) and the city campus right in the centre of Nottingham. All the university buildings are within 10-minute walk from each other and you’re never far from a great bar, café or restaurant. The nightlife is always buzzing with a vibrant student atmosphere.”

Why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study in that area?

“I would definitely recommend NBS to someone looking to study any business-related course. NBS has a strong focus on employability and the careers service has such good connections with many well-established companies who offer placements and graduate jobs. They host career fairs, provide interview preparation, mock assessment centers and cv guidance which all help when looking for work experience and it was something I found so useful in second year when applying to placement schemes.”

What work experience/placement have you completed? – Where you went and what you did?

There are so many work experience opportunities at NBS. Your experience is what you make it and I knew how competitive it was going to be securing a placement. My goal was to leave university with enough valuable experience to make me employable after graduating. I did a two-week placement at the end of first year as part of the course, which ultimately helped me secure a year in industry at a FTSE 100 company. I feel much more confident and prepared and have developed skills which will hopefully make me employable.”

How will your course and/or placement enhance your employability for your chosen career? What skills have you gained?

“My work experience, the skills I’ve gained and the opportunities the university have offered me e.g. CIM qualifications, will hopefully help me stand out from other applicants when applying for jobs in the future.”

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