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Ghazi Maraqa


I couldn’t have asked for more support when I was a student and even when I graduated. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming.

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Why did you choose NTU, Nottingham Business School and your course?
By the time I wanted to do my master's degree, the idea was to do a career shift from accounting (my bachelor major) to HR which felt more suitable. I was looking for a course that would make me stand out and understand many things in Business. By that, Management & HRM seemed the right choice. After that, I needed to pick a University that could give me the enablement I needed to proceed with my vision. NTU seemed that place then and the city and campus were very attractive and close to my preference.

What do you think sets Nottingham Business School apart?
Dedication & persistence. Before I joined the programme and throughout my studies, NBS was dedicated to offering the best teachers, teaching methods, and tools to help us. Additionally, there was a presentence in improving the student experience and be as flexible as possible. Due to that, I remember reading that NTU won an award specifically related to the Management postgraduate programme the next year we graduated.

How would you promote NTU or Nottingham Business School to potential students in 10 words or fewer?
The right place to help you reach your full potential.

How would you rate the support available at NTU and NBS? Think of both your course staff, student support, the employability team and global lounges. How did they help you?
I couldn’t have asked for more support when I was a student and even when I graduated. Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. Even after I graduated, I had the chance to visit the employability team to seek advice on my CV and also visited the new global lounge on the city campus.

Did you gain any work experience during your course? If so, can you tell us whether it was a placement year, internship, volunteering or another opportunity? What the benefits have been of doing this?
Yes. I was working as a Student Ambassador and that experience lasted for 10 months, as I applied again after the first semester finished. It really helped me with overcoming my fear of talking to new people. It also made me feel more welcomed and got to meet so many friends. I also got the opportunity to make it on the student city guide.

What job are you currently doing and what does it involve?
I currently work in Talent Management. In brief, we are responsible for setting the optimal practice for the whole company in terms of performance management, employee development and talent reviews. We also handle the engagement survey and support in other Talent management activities, to help create a better employee experience for the employees to get to their full potential with the help of local HRs at each site.

How has your experience at NBS helped you in your current role? Are there any skills you gained at NBS that you now use every day?
My Experience as a student, student ambassador and Alumni fellow has helped me continue to keep improving myself and get to a better version of myself. The main skills that I acquired after graduating were more leadership as I had to lead some teams in my group work. I also enhanced my communication, collaboration, and determination. I also became a better team player and to have more tolerance. I was also well prepared to handle pressure and submitting within deadlines.

What would your advice be to those who have recently graduated and are looking for roles?
Stay determined and look for every chance out there. Every chance even if it was an internship, placement or a part-time job can help you gain more knowledge and eventually get to where you deserve to be.

What has been your career highlight so far?
When I started in my current company (Hikma) I started as an intern. 2 months after that, I was offered a place as a full-time employee to proceed with my dream. Throughout 4 years, I was always given more opportunities to grow and to use my knowledge and skills to offer more solutions.

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