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Background: before you came to NTU

Nottingham Trent University is a well reputed institution and students across the globe come to study here. I was happy with the programme structure and the scholarship options that were available. After my Bachelors in Engineering, I worked for 5 years in Tata Consultancy services and then I applied for my MBA here.  Before I came here I did a thorough online research on NTU and overall response was good and satisfactory. Student life and University education quality were very highly rated.

Tell us about why you chose your course

NTU offered a balanced course along with two consultancy projects where I can apply my knowledge into real business problems; this made me very interested in this course. I was also impressed by the Personal, Professional and Leadership Development (PPLD) programme which looks into a holistic development of an individual into a manager. When choosing the course, I considered the work-based learning which was the most vital parameter for me.

MBA is more of a professional course than academic, so it is essential to have a work based learning structure. Accreditation is also very important and with the current AACSB accreditation I am even more pleased to be here. The PPLD programme is only offered here,  and this made the MBA at NTU an obvious choice for me.

Tell us why you chose Nottingham Business School

I certainly feel my course will give me a leading edge in the job market compared to other people out there looking for a job. But right now the job market is passing through a lot of uncertainty, I have work experience and now I am doing an MBA, I certainly am more confident about getting a good job.

The school’s link with other Business Schools has helped me do my summer school in Lisbon which has been one of the best experiences so far. I also did two consultancy works for Cisco and Boots, both have been possible only because of the well maintained relationships between the School and the organisations.

Tell us about the facilities at NTU

All the student facilities have been excellent. The Library and a dedicated room for MBA students are the most impressive among all facilities. The library is perfect. The students Union is good and I haven’t used much of student support but my friends who have used them are very satisfied with its performance.

I also use NOW which is one of the most useful tools I have found here in NTU, one platform with all the essential information and updates.  Information on my programs, upcoming events, news and my class calendar, etc. every bit of essential information at one place.

Tell us about your time at NTU so far

The postgraduate community over here is really welcoming, people are friendly and helpful. My greatest achievement here so far at NTU was working with Boots to develop their internal communication systems to improve their sales during Christmas.

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur; initially my objective was to work for more than 10 years before starting my own enterprise. But during my programme here I have realised that I can work towards building my start up right now because I will get support from the University.

So far it has been a fantastic experience over here in NTU, the most fascinating thing is the ample opportunities available. If you know what you want to be in life then you will find help and support from NTU to reach there. The faculty here are very helpful and very interactive. All round guidance and advice are available; you just needs to ask for it.

Still need help?

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