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Harry Lynch


United Kingdom
Everybody at NTU is so helpful and accommodating. They try to give you the feeling of being part of a community rather than just an institution.

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What made you choose to study at NTU?  

“Having really enjoyed business studies at secondary school my business teacher told me to attend an open day at NTU to see what it was like. I really enjoyed the open day and thought that the business school in particular was great. This was due to the facilities and the accreditations the school has gained.”

What were the key features that attracted you to your course?

“A key feature was the facilities, they were the first thing that took my notice on the open day, all the buildings being fully furnished with the latest equipment to help the students as much as possible. The module testing was also something that attracted me, with most modules consisting of a split between coursework and exams, rather than just exams. NTU are constantly striving to provide us, the students, with the best resources possible to help us with our studies.”

What do you enjoy most about your course?

“I’d say the ability to gain a deeper underlying understanding of HR. This includes the processes that go on in organisations for them to run smoothly, as there is so much more than just what meets the eye.”

What do you think about the course staff – include lecturers, tutors, administrators and technical staff within this. How do they support your learning and University experience?

“The staff are always willing to help and talk to you about any problems you have, this goes for all levels of staff. All staff are at your disposal and are readily available if you ever need any extra help or if you have a problem, whatever it is.”

Why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study in that area?

“Everybody at NTU is so helpful and accommodating. They try to give you the feeling of being part of a community rather than just an institution. Help is always available from a large range of staff including your tutors to course mates. Someone is always available for you to talk to.”

What opportunities have you had as a result of studying with NBS? (e.g. course rep, CERT mentor, volunteering) How have these activities contributed to your university experience?

“I am currently a CERT student mentor for my course, I would say it has helped me to try and support those who were in a similar position to me only a year ago. It has showed me truly how much support is available for first years and all years in general and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to try and support everybody. With my course carrying accreditations that very few other universities in the UK have it will stand me in good stead when applying for jobs after I have graduated as they are sought after accreditations and can only look good to have.”

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