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I believe studying a Masters is an essential part of your career. It deepens your knowledge in the field and broadens your thoughts, making you more compatible in the graduate pool.

Nottingham Business School

Accreditation are quite important, however, what I look for is the teaching quality and the kind of support a student receives during and after the course. It can be teacher-student support, facilities available in the campus and the support received after the completion of course.

I did my research on it. Nottingham Trent University is one of the best in UK, the Business School in particular. It was ranked as the top 100 in the world by Financial Times and won two awards as ‘University of the Year’ and ‘Modern University’ the same year. It also had many accreditation, one of them being CMI. Another thing that appealed to me is the location of the University, being in the town centre and thus convenient.

The best aspects of studying at Nottingham Business School are the teaching quality, the facilities available and the extra-curricular activities.

MSc Management and International Business

I chose to do my Masters in Management and International Business as the modules seemed appealing to me. It covered modules from Management in Organisations, Accounting, and Human Resource Management to practical modules like International Experience and Consultancy Experience. What I like the most about the course is that we have to apply all the theories and models that we learnt in the initial modules into practice in real projects with multinational companies. For the International Experience module, I got an opportunity to work with Mann+Hummel in Czech Republic on a consultancy project as the project manager.

Skill development

I have developed myself in different spectrum, right from critical thinking to presentation skills to being a confident speaker. Working in multinational teams gave me an insight on working with people from different backgrounds and work ethics. It has furthermore broadened my outlook and has given me a different approach to problem solving. Modules like transformational development helped me develop awareness about my sustainable goals and encouraged me to work further to contribute towards it.

Major project

I chose to do a consultancy project. Having done a management course, which involves handling different aspects of a project, one of them being people management; working in a multinational team seemed right to me.

I was in a team of six, each one from a different country and we worked on a project for a German company named Kaefer.


I attended various business lectures and self-development lectures. CPD events enabled me to get out of my comfort zone and explore other areas. This in turn turned out to be a blessing for me, as I realised my shortcomings and started working towards it through seminars and Ted Talks videos.

It also helped me increase my awareness on the sustainability goals where I realised that I connected the most to zero hunger and no poverty. I later on joined a homeless association to contribute in any way possible to the goals. Working with the homeless gave me an experience that I can never forget. It is something that I will always continue doing wherever I go.


The lecturers are friendly and helpful. Moreover, so are the student services. The key guidance I received was from my academic mentor who constantly supported me and encouraged me during the academic meetings.

Nottingham city

Nottingham is a great city for students in my opinion. It is vibrant and lively. Especially because it is a young city. Having two massive universities in the city, it is filled with young crowd, both home and international. You could spend the afternoon peacefully reading in the library with a hot coffee and at the same time have a fun night out with friends over the weekend. It’s the best of both worlds. In addition, it’s safe and convenient, given the good connectivity to other cities.

Postgraduate experience

My Masters was more focused on self-learning and critical thinking. It’s helped me develop my thoughts and given me a mature approach to everything I come across.

Career aspirations

I have a clearer vision, now that I have finished my Masters. One of the probable reasons for the clarity is the agenda pattern I have worked in for the projects over the years. It’s helped me make clearer to-do lists and draft better work plans.

Also, having had worked with companies home and internationally, I am more confident to be stepping into the real world and applying for jobs. One bonus that the course served is the extra-curricular development, which has made me more knowledge, and aware about the social and environmental issues prevailing around. That is what I take with me anywhere I apply for a job.

Advice for prospective students

I would say, go for it and make the best out of it. I have to say this year and half with the University has changed my life!

I developed myself as an individual in various spectrums of my career, gained confidence, got chances to work with multinational companies, travelled around, learned about different cultures and made some great friends along the way.

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