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I believe everyone has different priorities while choosing a university to study a Masters course. For me, the most important factors to consider are student satisfaction, course content and work opportunities. Equally important is how accessible and transparent all information about the course or the university is.

Before making decision about which school to do the Masters, I talked to many Vietnamese students who had just finished their course to learn about their experience. Nottingham Business School received a very high student satisfaction in terms of international student support, facilities and usefulness of the course. The website is very user-friendly, which allowed me to find any information I need to be well prepared for my study.

MSc Management and International Business course

My course is MSc Management and International Business, which I believe, is very well organised and interesting course. Each module has different assessment method, from business report, assignment, exam, presentation to business meeting, which gave me opportunities to develop a diverse skillset. Along with each module, I had the Academic English classes where my tutor helped to explain business terms, improve academic writing to prepare for the assessment.

I enjoyed almost all modules I have been through. For International Human Resource Management, the assessment is a very professional business meeting between each group proposed strategy and plans then compete to win over the project with client. For the module “International Experience”, I have gained practical and valuable experience by doing a Consultancy Project for a company based in Brno, Czech Republic for 2 weeks. It was very challenging for each team to work under time pressure to achieve objectives set with our client. This allowed us to apply what we have studied at school into the real business world. The trip was very well organised by NTU and Brno Technology University. We had great time in Brno, experiencing new culture and making new friends. Along the project, we also had a day to explore Vienna, Austria, which was unforgettable to me.

Word for prospective students

For international students, I believe it is essential to improve English skills as much as you can before coming to the UK, which would help to overcome the cultures shock and have better academic performance. Another thing to do is to explore the website or social media platforms of the university to see a wide range of services you will be provided and make a plan to make the most of it. For those who consider finding a placement, I think it is important that you prepare a well-organised CV, which demonstrates your skills and experience and a LinkedIn profile. You may want to start your application as soon as possible and do not forget that you have an amazing Employability team, industrial mentor and postgraduate placement coordinator who are giving you great advice about finding a placement in the UK. More importantly, try to balance, work hard to play harder. Travelling more, making more friends. Enjoy as much as you can as living and studying in the UK is a lifetime experience. The more you enjoy it, the more you bring out the best in you, the more you achieve.

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