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Student Julia Brochocka
Definitely my favourite thing about my course is the International Experience. We have cooperation with US students in one of the modules and we are going to Chicago for one week to do an Internationalisation Consultancy Project together.

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Why did you choose NTU and your course?

I chose NTU because many of my friends recommended this university. I researched rankings for business courses and student experience and found that NTU was ranked highly in both areas. Additionally, I knew that this university places a strong emphasis on employability, which was important for me.

What has stood out about Nottingham Business School?

In particular, great emphasis is placed on employability, as it is important for developing a career after university. The individual approach to students makes everyone feel valued and appreciated. Practical assignments are vital preparation for future jobs. There is also a focus on teaching valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork. The university provides a wide range of extracurricular activities, where everyone can find something for themselves.

How would you rate the course facilities and why?

The course is designed and delivered very well. All the required information, updates, essential readings, and additional materials are available on NOW in the learning rooms. The course is delivered in an interesting way to stimulate the curiosity of the students and provide them with the possibility to learn independently. There are plenty of activities, group work, guest lectures, and even games during workshops. Teachers are always willing to help, and students can book 1:1 meeting sessions in person or online in case they have any questions.

What is your favourite thing about your course?

My favourite thing about my course is definitely the International Experience. We have cooperation with US students in one of the modules and we are going to Chicago for one week to do an Internationalisation Consultancy Project together. I’m so excited about this experience and I will try to make the most of my time there!

Have you taken part in academic mentoring? What has this role involved?

I haven't taken part in academic mentoring, but I was a student representative. My role included collecting feedback from students and sharing it during Course Committee Meetings.

Have you had the option to personalise your course? How has this benefitted your studies?

I had the option to choose a Sustainability Project instead of a Research Project during my third year of undergraduate studies. This turned out to be a great decision because I was able to learn a lot about sustainability and even did some consultancy work for a company in Nottingham. At the end of my postgraduate course, I was given a choice between an In-Company Experience, a Consultancy Project, or a Research Project as my final project. I decided to choose the Research Project as I am considering pursuing a PhD in the future. The ability to personalise my course was highly beneficial to me as I was able to focus on what interested me and delve deeper into the subject as part of my studies

Can you tell us a bit about your placement?

My bachelor's degree lasted three years and did not include a placement, but I managed to get an internship and then the company offered me further employment. I was working as a junior project manager and combined studies with a job during the final year. It was difficult but worth it to get some experience in the industry.

What three words would you use to describe Nottingham?

Student-friendly, exciting, diverse

How have you found Nottingham as a student city?

Nottingham is a very friendly city for students. There are a lot of green places where students can relax, such as Arboretum Park near the University City campus. Nightlife is also thriving, there is something going on in the city center every day. Nottingham isn't a very busy city, which is beneficial because it is easy to move around to different places by public transport. People in this city are very nice and always willing to help.

Did you find it easy to make friends at NTU?

At the beginning, it wasn't easy to make friends because I came from a different country, and I had a language barrier, but there were a lot of activities provided by the university for students to meet each other. During the first month of my first year, I met a lot of people and I still keep in contact with some of them. I found most of the students open to meeting other people and helpful.

What do you think of the support available at NTU?

very supportive and are always willing to help in case of any questions. I often attend workshops organized by the Employability team, which helped me to gain knowledge about job applications and feel more confident. I enjoy spending time in the Global Lounge where I've met a lot of international friends.

What’s next for you after NTU?

I have the possibility to continue working in the company I worked for previously as a Junior Project Manager. However, I want to be open to other possibilities. That is why I’m currently looking for new job opportunities in the UK or Poland. I am applying for graduate schemes, graduate-level jobs, and project management roles because I already have experience in this area. I am trying to find a job where I can fulfil myself and which will be in line with my interests.

Has the Employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU?

Yes, the employability team was very helpful. They answered all my questions and informed me about the support available in NTU, such as CV checking, interview preparation, psychometric tests, and much more. I attended a career advisor meeting where we discussed my career options. It was very helpful in deciding about my future career path. I want to create opportunities for myself and be open to new experiences. It's important for me to always have a plan A, B, and C, think positively, and see self-development as a journey.

Why did you want to study in the UK?

I was always curious about studying abroad to deepen my knowledge and gain new experiences. I had some career advisor meetings and studying abroad turned out to be the perfect option for me. I had visited Nottingham with my father before I started university and I really liked the city. My friends recommended that I apply to NTU because they studied there and had a positive experience. I was satisfied with this decision because I made a lot of friends from all around the world and gained knowledge that will undoubtedly be useful in the future.

How is NTU for international students?

There are a lot of support available for international students at NTU in terms of wellbeing, finance, accommodation, and much more. At the beginning of the semester, some events were organized so that students could get to know each other better, thanks to that I met some people from my country. In the Global Lounge, international students have the opportunity to spend time together and even learn new languages at Language Cafe. During Global Week, there was a possibility to see national costumes from different countries as well as try traditional dishes. Moreover, students can get involved in societies to meet people from the same culture.

What made you choose to complete a postgraduate qualification?

From the beginning, my plan was to complete a postgraduate qualification. I gained work experience during my undergraduate studies, so I decided to continue my education. I knew that it would not be easy to take a break from work to study again later, so I wanted to start my postgraduate studies as soon as possible.

What made you choose to remain at NTU to complete these studies?

I was satisfied with the teaching standards and opportunities provided by NTU. I felt comfortable in Nottingham and had lots of friends there. The alumni discount was also an attractive factor to remain at this university.

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