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Katarzyna Lakoma


I would like to find a finance or accounting related job here in the UK. I feel that NBS increased my employability and also broadened my horizons.

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Job Title: Editorial Assistant
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Emerald Publishing

What route did you take into postgraduate study?

I came directly from my bachelor’s degree. I graduated from Poznan University of Economics where I studied finance and accounting. During my studies, I was an exchange student for a winter semester at Nottingham Trent University. I really enjoyed studying at NBS and living in Nottingham and that is principally why I decided to do my master’s degree here.

When choosing a master’s degree, what did you consider it important to have?

For me it was recognised accreditation, work based learning and scholarships. All of which were offered by Nottingham Business School.

What were your reasons for studying a master’s degree and why did you choose Nottingham Business School?

I wanted to increase my employability opportunities. NTU is a university with a good reputation, especially with regards to graduate employment outcomes. In addition, the diverse multicultural experience at NBS was something that attracted me to the business school.

Why did you choose to study MSc Finance and Accounting and what did you enjoy about it?

I previously studied finance and accounting and wanted to improve and specialise my knowledge in that field. Also, I want to start my career in the field of auditing or financial analysis, so this feels like the best route for me to achieve this.

Is there anything that stood out on your course that wasn’t offered anywhere else?

Yes, there were two main factors that contributed to me deciding to study at NBS. Firstly, it was the high employability rankings. This really encouraged me because I would like to start my career in the UK. Secondly, it was the attractive scholarship scheme offered my NTU. I applied for and was awarded a Postgraduate EU scholarship!

What was your Major Project choice and what did you do for it?

I did the Internship Experience Project and I worked in the Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. Here I researched, prepared and presented a report on the economic cost of fires in Nottinghamshire. As I said before, I wanted to increase my employability opportunities in the UK, therefore I chose a project that enables me to gain some work experience.

Describe what your seminars are like and how they differ from your undergraduate experience?

Seminars are more interactive compared to my undergraduate experience. I feel able to ask questions. In addition, due to the specialisation, the topics covered in the modules are more relevant and contemporary, covering live market issues.

What are the key skills you have developed during your time at NBS?

Firstly, I would say I have learnt how to critically evaluate information and I really improved my research skills. Furthermore, I would say that I really developed my confidence in terms of public speaking. NBS enabled me to work in a multicultural environment which developed my communication skills.

How has the master’s degree differed from your undergraduate experience?

I feel that my undergraduate course was typically based on acquiring knowledge. At NBS I have developed my knowledge and learnt how to actually apply it in practice due to the workshops we have done here at NBS. In addition, the master’s experience incorporates various work based events such as the Thinkubator Challenge which again helped me acquire business experience skills.

Do you feel that your overall experience in the degree will make you more competitive in the job market?

Yes, I strongly believe that I am more competitive in the job market, both in the UK and globally.

Would you recommend studying at NBS to prospective students?

I would definitely recommend it. It has been an amazing year during which I have gained new knowledge, met new friends from all over the world and increased my competitiveness in the job market.

Have you benefited from the services provided by the Employability Team?

Yes. I took part in a range of events held by the Employability Team such as Interview Preparation and a CV Masterclass. I feel that those events have helped me to prepare good job applications tailored to the UK finance and audit market.

How have you found moving to and living in Nottingham?

I was very excited about moving to Nottingham. I think it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The first few days were tough without my friends and family, however I quickly met wonderful people here who became my close friends.

I really enjoyed living and studying in Nottingham. The politeness of British people really surprised me in a positive way. I initially struggled with “British English” when I arrived, but my language skills have improved no end. I am confident enough to strike up conversations with anyone now!

What are your short term and long term career plans?

I would like to find a finance or accounting related job here in the UK. I feel that NBS increased my employability and also broadened my horizons.

How did you find the personalised support of the NBS team prior to starting your degree?

I was satisfied with the support that I had during my application to NBS. I asked loads of questions regarding the course and I got the information that I needed very quickly.

Finally, in one sentence, how would you describe your experience of studying a master’s degree at NBS?

A satisfying experience of gaining knowledge and experience in a multicultural team.

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