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Kathryn Massey


United Kingdom
NBS offers a diverse range of continuous professional development opportunities, including lectures from individuals in industry and links with chartered, professional organisations such as CIPD and CMI.

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Why did you decide to do postgraduate study? 

“The employment market is becoming saturated with individuals gaining undergraduate degrees, therefore I decided to undertake my masters to gain the extra knowledge and qualification to separate myself from other candidates. As my course is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), being actively involved in my course I am able to highlight my commitment to the industry as well as my own personal development.”

What made you choose NTU? 

“During my undergraduate, I was able to experience first-hand the vast opportunities and support the university and lecturers provided me throughout the degree course. This meant, when it became time to choose the university to continue my studies, I did not hesitate in choosing NTU.”

What do you enjoy most about your course at NBS? 

“I have enjoyed being able to test my own abilities and thoughts through both extra-curricular activities as well as working with a variety of students from differing cultures and backgrounds to myself. This has enabled me to grow as an individual, I have found myself to be more open to criticism and more willing to push myself outside of my comfort zone.”

What do you think about the course staff? How do they support your learning and University experience? 

“All staff members I have come across throughout my time at university have been extremely supportive and accommodating. This has been the case throughout my masters, including providing extra assignment support, questioning my opinions to expand knowledge and pushing my comfort zone during trips such as the residential.”

What do you think about the facilities available to you? 

“All the facilities I have utilised during my time at NBS have been at a very high standard, whether it is academic; the high-tech lecture and seminar rooms in Newton, learning support (for dyslexia), the library and online resources or the well-equipped gym and social, highly versatile student union space.”

What do you believe sets Nottingham Business School apart? 

“The teaching staff are really diverse, which has meant I have experienced such a wide variety of perspectives throughout my time here, expanding my own critical thinking and perspectives. I also think the vast online resources available to us are fantastic. The business environment is always rapidly changing meaning this facility enables its students to stay current.

The business school offers a diverse range of continuous professional development opportunities e.g. lectures from individuals in industry and links with chartered, professional organisations such as CIPD and CMI.

I also really enjoy the way we learn. There’s a focus on applying academic knowledge to different circumstances, not just learning and repeating in an exam. They use many different teaching and assessment methods e.g. practical; mock tribunals, presentations, group discussions, seminar classes and traditional; group/individual assignments, exams and lectures.”

Have you taken up any opportunities offered by NBS? How has this contributed to your university experience? 

“I have been able to actively be involved with many opportunities at university, such as being a course rep and Postgraduate Liaison Officer in the HR Society. NBS push their students to develop transferable skills such as; teamwork, organisation, time management, initiative, problem solving and leadership. All of these skills are vital for a graduate to be successful within their future employment and have enabled me to gain a holistic experience, combining social, academic and personal development.”

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