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Riya Rajani
I felt incredibly welcomed by NTU and NBS when I first arrived in Nottingham and it is a feeling I cannot forget!

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Riya is a second-year BA (Hons) Business Management and Economics student.

Why did you choose NTU and your course?

“I chose NTU because it had a very high student satisfaction rating in all areas of university life! NTU has a diverse student population, the location is fantastic, I love that NTU is right in the heart of Nottingham city centre! All the shops, nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and so much more are all walking distance away from the NTU city campus and this was important for me. I chose NBS because I absolutely loved the course structure and felt as though it fit very well with my key strengths and abilities. My course is fantastic because it provides an array of different assessing methods that cater to every individual’s learning style as well as challenge them on learning styles that they are not comfortable in. For me, it was doing assessments based on group presentations which I never used to feel very confident in doing. I also loved the fact that NBS allowed you to do a placement year or change your course if you felt the need to as a first-year student. Upon realising this and much more, I knew that studying at NBS, and NTU, was the best option for me amongst all other options.”

How would you rate the course facilities and why?

“I would rate the course facilities a solid 10/10 because NBS not only gives its students the best learning experience but gives the necessary tools and areas for students to utilise and achieve their goals. The link lounge has been one of the best places for me to get my thinking cap on, work and revise for all my modules with a stable internet connection and use the computers whenever I need to. I have also been able to book appointments with my lecturers and mentors, and the general environment and atmosphere are great to have any discussions related to my course.”

What is your favourite thing about your course?

“My most favourite thing about my course is it doesn’t only concentrate on business and economics, but it also allows me to concentrate on what my personal and academic development goals are, what skills I’d like to attain to further develop my skillset, and what experiences I want to choose from to facilitate my personal and academic goals. This is all done through the Personal and Academic Development module that I did in Year 1 and the Employment & Enterprise module that I am doing in Year 2. These modules have truly allowed me to challenge myself in growing my skillset and pushing me to figure out what my goals are, what I want to achieve in the future, as well as how I get about planning and actually learning and experiencing my way through university!”

Have you been involved in the CERT Mentoring Scheme? If yes, what has this role involved? What did you enjoy about it and how has it benefited you?

"No, but I recently applied to be a CERT student mentor and I am very happy to announce that I have made it through the application process, and I am officially a CERT student mentor for my final year of University. I am absolutely delighted to take on this role and I cannot wait for all that I will learn in taking part in this scheme. Thank you to NTU for providing its students with a plethora of opportunities to gain and experience from!"

Have you had the option to personalise your course and experience at Nottingham Business School? How has this benefitted your studies?

"I have had the option to choose some of my modules as well as routes that I wanted to apply to during my second year at NBS, and the experience I have gained has benefitted me in my studies greatly! One such route that I applied for my Employment & Enterprise module, was the International Cultural Exchange Program (ICE) wherein I could work with and help students from Nottingham Trent International College (NTIC). This experience allowed me to, culminate a strong cultural IQ and cultural awareness, network with people from all around the world, help make a difference and give back to a community where I can learn from, and further boost my self-esteem and confidence."

Did you gain any work experience during your course? If so, can you tell us whether it was a placement year, internship, or another opportunity? What have you enjoyed about this and what the benefits have been? 

"As a first-year student, I had the opportunity to do a part-time job being a student caller for the Development and Alumni Relations department at NTU and taking this job was a turning point for me. Prior to studying at university, I had no experience whatsoever in a job setting, and being a Student Caller allowed me to gain key interpersonal skills, communicating and time-managing skills, soft skills, data inputting, and many other transferrable skills that have allowed me to grow and develop as an individual. The most enjoyable part of this job was working with a team of student callers and learning about the different causes that NTU supports, as well as talking to Alumni and the experience they had themselves when they were at NTU. It was an insightful and fun experience, whilst still raising money for a great cause!"

Have you used the services of the employability team during your time at NTU? If so, what help did they provide and how have you benefitted from it?

“Ever since I began as a first-year at NTU, I have been constantly used the services that the employability team provide to take advantage of opportunities to work part-time, apply for internships and placements! They helped me boost and build up my CV and Cover letter for various job applications and I got an amazing experience with using their online CV360 check which gave me almost instant feedback on my CV. If I ever further required more help, I could always use the online drop-in sessions which are packed with helpful tips and guidance on any area regarding getting employed. I often attend career job fairs on Future Hub that are truly very useful in gaining knowledge of different companies and businesses, industry and sector knowledge, as well as wondering what my requirements would be if I wanted to work with any of them, which is a great experience overall!”

What do you think of the support available at NTU?

“NTU in general places great importance on providing all kinds of support for its entire student population, always catering to every single students’ needs. I think the support I have received is beyond what I imagined was available for me when in time of need. The course and module leaders are so very engaging and approachable, I can set up a meeting during their office hours and feel at complete ease whenever I am in a tense situation and need some 1-2-1 guidance. The global lounge feels like a home away from home, the staff at the global lounge are so very friendly and are the best people to approach for anything regarding feeling lonely in a new country as an international student, or needing further personal support!”

What's next for you after NTU?

“After I finish my Undergraduate Degree, I am hoping to get enrolled into doing a master’s degree in MSc Economics, Banking, and Finance at NTU! I want to specialise in Economics and perhaps look into a consultancy-based job after I complete my masters. Doing a masters programme will jumpstart my career and give me the tools necessary to conquer the world of Economics and thrive as an individual within the business sector.”

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU?

“The employability team has gone above and beyond to not only enhance my experience at NTU but prepare me for any obstacles I may face as a graduate during a global pandemic. The employability team provides you with a plethora of resources that truly help you engrain key employability skills that are crucial for life after University. From drilling down to the basics of CV and cover letter writing to offering incredible part-time jobs during term time that provides you with so many transferable skills for your future career, to learning and boosting your interview skills, the employability team has got your back for everything you might be fearful about regarding your future, your job prospects, and the skills that you can attain whilst at NTU!”

Why did you want to study in the UK?

“I have wanted to study in the UK ever since I can remember!  I realised quite earlier on, especially during my IGCSEs of how important it is to study in the UK for me. Many UK universities and the array of courses that they offer in all different streams and sectors are very well recognised all around the world and this is very beneficial if I want to work in an international setting in the near future. Moreover, I wanted to study in the UK because I really wanted to experience a multicultural environment, discover new places and what opportunities these places may have in store for me, as well as meet new people from all different religions, ethnicities, and races!.”

How is NTU and NBS for international students?

“NTU is right in the heart of Nottingham city centre, and there really is something for everyone. As an international student, it was important for me to feel as though I had a home away from home, and NTU caters for that through its diverse and engaging global lounge, annual global week event, plenty of different societies of all different kinds to join and be apart of, and studying at NBS is the best decision you will make! I felt incredibly welcomed by NTU and NBS when I first arrived in Nottingham and it is a feeling I cannot forget! I felt as though I could fit right in with all that they had to offer and choosing NTU as an international student has been one of the most amazing and mind-opening decisions I have made!”

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