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Rohit Nair


The overall journey has taught me to be resilient especially during the pandemic.

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Why did you choose Nottingham Business School and your course?

“The reviews and rankings were really good and I heard about the employability team here which made me want to join Nottingham Business School.”

What motivated you to enrol on the course? 

"I always wanted to get into supply chain domain and especially during pandemic I saw that this was the only industry which was not impacted by the way other industries were affected. Which makes it very clear the job security is more in this domain."

Tell us about your experience of the change project for Kaefer. 

“The overall experience was amazing. The key point of contact from KAEFER was Trevor and Julie; they were very helpful and understanding and I would say they were the best people we got the opportunity to work with. The experience wouldn’t have been the same without them. The only setback was due to pandemic the project happened virtually it could have been even better if it would have happened face to face."

What have you taken away from your experience working on the change project for Kaefer?

“Understands innovation; the impact of disruptive technologies (mechanisms that challenge traditional business methods and practices); drivers of change and new ways of working across infrastructure, processes, people and culture and sustainability. Knowledge of systems thinking, knowledge/data management, and programme management. Evaluate how innovation impacts organisational strategy. Assess the impact of disruptive technologies on your organisation strategy. We’re currently living in a world of endless choices and opportunities where new products and services are launched at an ever-increasing pace. In the age of innovation, new solutions can be built on top of existing technologies faster than ever before. This means that there’s a new, even bigger wave of innovation ahead of us and virtually every industry will be affected by this change – one way or another. When learning the SCC module, the Kodak case study was a perfect example of this situation where Kodak failing to adapt to new changes lead to it collapse of the company. PESTEL analysis is also very important in this regard since it directs to look into the Technological aspect."

How has your journey on this course and what you have learnt contributed to your career?

“The overall journey has taught me to be resilient especially during the pandemic.”

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