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Sadiq Omotosho


One of the most useful things I've learned at NBS is how to adapt to an international environment.

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My life at NTU

"One of the most useful things I've learned here is how to adapt to an international environment. There are students from all over the world on my course and it gives everybody the chance to learn about other cultures and working environments which is very important if you want to work in international business.

"The course induction also prepared us for the working world. We went on an outdoor activity course in Derbyshire for several days which was all about team building and creating relationships, in fact, most of the good friends I have now are from that experience.

"Nottingham city to me is like a mini London. People are attracted to London, but that is because they don't know any better! In Nottingham there is music, culture, shopping, great nights out and you can do so much here. England is my home as well as Nigeria, and I'll be coming back in the future as I will miss the independence I enjoy here.

"You have a great chance to get practically involved in what you are studying here at NTU and the facilities and technology available to the students are really good. For example, I have started a music record label with some of my friends I met in Nottingham. We have registered the company in Nigeria, and are working on getting it registered here. I'm learning international business and applying it directly to the music industry.

"My number one tip for future students is to be very open-minded; you will meet people from all over the world so try not to make judgements about people just because they are unfamiliar. Keep an open mind and you will learn a great deal."

Tell us about your current role

"As a Project Manager within the IT industry, I am responsible for developing, in conjunction with members of the team, a definition and scope of projects. I will then ensure that the project is delivered on time and to the required quality standards as indicated by the client. Also, I ensure that resources are allocated effectively and appropriately, as well as manage relationships with all stakeholders involved."

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