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The people at NTU is what sets Nottingham Business School apart. From the time I was applying to the school, to being a student and now as an alumni, the support I’ve received from the staff along the way has been incredible!

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Why did you choose NTU and your course?

"After finishing university in the US I was presented with an opportunity to come to the UK on a basketball scholarship and to earn my Masters in Management and International Business. I chose NTU because of the great academics, athletics, and international department."

What do you think sets Nottingham Business School apart?

"The people at NTU is what sets Nottingham Business School apart. From the time I was applying to the school, to being a student and now as an alumni, the support I’ve received from the staff along the way has been incredible! My NTU professors were so welcoming and kind. As an international student, I am so appreciative to my professors because they made a place so unlike home, feel like home."

How would you promote NTU to potential students in 10 words or fewer?

"A close-knit community, high academic standards, exceptional staff, located in a fun city."

How would you rate the support services at NTU? Did you access any of the services, such as the Employability Team? How did they help you?

"I first reached out to NTU employability last April during the 1st lockdown, while at home quarantining in New Jersey. A part of me really wanted to come back to the UK as I felt like my experience abroad was unfinished due to the pandemic. I contacted NTU employability for advice regarding my CV, the job search process, and my aspirations of getting back to the UK. Without the Employability Team’s help I would never have found the internship opportunity at Groubook (a Nottingham tech start-up company), on Job Shop. That internship would then transform into my current role as a Cofounder & CGO of Groubook."

Did you get involved with any opportunities at Nottingham Business School? How did these opportunities improve your experience?

"I was an NTU Sport Scholar, a member of the Women’s basketball team. It was a great experience having the opportunity to play the game I love in another country.

At Nottingham Business School I participated in the Thornbridge Leadership Trip. This was one of my favourite memories from my year at NTU. The trip involved participating in team building activities with a diverse group of NTU Business School students. It led me to become friends with my course mates who were from all over the world. While we all came from different countries, cultures, and had very different accents, this experience showed us that we had more in common than we originally thought."

What job are you currently doing and what does it involve?

"I am the cofounder and Chief Growth Officer at Groubook. It is a Nottingham start-up company! Groubook is an app that makes it easier for friends to go out by allowing users to prebook on the app, access great discounts and earn rewards! We have a wide range of offers on the app, whether you’re looking to go out to eat, get drinks at the pub, do an activity, or even attend an event. If you’re in Nottingham check us out on the app store and on social media!

At Groubook, I’m responsible for driving company growth through heading marketing initiatives & brand positioning, running our social media accounts and managing Groubook’s partnerships with student services. My role covers many different areas which is exciting, because no day is the same!"

How has your experience at NTU helped you in your current role? Are there any skills you gained at NTU that you now use every day?

"While I already possessed leadership and communication skills when I got to England, my experience at NTU took my skills to the next level. I attribute this to having to learn to adapt my communication style with different people, as my course at NTU had students from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities.

With my current role at Groubook I have to be adaptable. Whether it’s marketing our app to a customer, promoting the app to a Nottingham Business owner to partner with us, pitching the company to an investor, or even collaborating with Groubook’s University Brand Ambassadors, I have to be adaptable with my communication skills. I am thankful for my experience because every day at Groubook I use the skills I’ve carried over with me from my time at NTU."

What would your advice be to those who have recently graduated and are looking for roles?

"Upon graduating NTU employability advised me to consider applying to volunteer positions. Encouraging me that a good impression with a company can lead to a potential job role within. I took this advice when I applied for a volunteer social media position at Groubook. In my first month at the company I helped Groubook increase its sales by 300%. While I put in a lot of hard work to get to where I am now with being named a Cofounder and CGO of Groubook, it all started from me reaching out to NTU employability. So my advice would be to not overlook internships or minor roles upon graduating because you don’t know where it may lead!"

Do you offer any placements/graduate schemes to NTU students? Could you tell us about your experience with NTU students in terms of their knowledge, skills and attitude?

"Later this year we will be opening applications up for Groubook’s Brand Ambassador Program! Ambassadors will get to see the ins and outs of a start-up company while getting hands on marketing experience! We had the pleasure of having an NTU Ambassador last year who was a second year NTU student."

"As a recent NTU Master’s graduate, I had a great time working with and mentoring a current NTU student. NTU students are hardworking and very motivated! Our Groubook ambassador came in already equipped with the required skills, but her willingness to learn new things, innovate new marketing concepts, and present creative ideas to our Groubook team, highlights the type of students that study at NTU!"

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