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Samuel Grantson


United Kingdom
I saw a huge potential for personal and professional growth here at NBS in terms of accreditation and opportunities which was proven beyond my expectations.

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What made you decide to do a Masters degree?
In my opinion, currently an undergraduate degree is not enough to compete in the working environment as many people have had a university experience. I think the next step up is to focus on bettering your education with a Masters degree.

When picking a University to study a Masters what do you consider it important to have? 
I considered the accreditation's followed by the real life experiences that the University provides as these are areas that I believe will boost the value of my degree in terms of employability. I saw a huge potential for personal and professional growth here at NBS in terms of accreditation and opportunities which was proven beyond my expectations.

What do you feel is the best aspect about studying at Nottingham Business School?
The external opportunities provided by the school are a perfect opportunity to further enhance your career prospects as they offer the opportunity to network and gain a better understanding of different sectors. The care taken by staff members to ensure I'm making progress towards my goals is also very comforting as I know I have constant support throughout my studies.

Can you explain a little about your course? Is it what you expected? What do you enjoy?
My course is far more than I expected in a good way, I assumed it would be a lot of reading and regurgitating information into reports, essentially ticking boxes in order to complete my degree. However, it was so much more than that. The teaching goes beyond that and works on developing your mind-set to take into consideration different viewpoints and strategies of business. I believe it has made me far more efficient and effective in my way of thinking and working.

What key skills have you developed during your studies? 
Critical thinking, communication and confidence are just a few of the skills I have developed. I'm most proud of is my new found ability to code in HTML and CSS which has served as a valued addition to my experience at NBS.

In Semester Three, what option did you pick to do as part of your ‘Experiential Project’ and why?
My course is a bit different as in Semester Three we focus on creation of a business idea, assess the financial aspects and suitable business modules.

Do you get involved with any other activities in Nottingham Business School?
I do and the best part is I don’t do them simply to attain CPD hours, there's so much to do that you are bound to find something you are passionate about. For me, my course has provided me with amazing contacts who focus on mental health awareness which is aligned with my future entrepreneurial goals.

How does Nottingham Business School provide you with support, advice and guidance?
Provision of mentors is an added benefit however the presence of a dedicated employability adviser for our school and tutors well versed regarding the university system. That’s the great part!

What do you think about Nottingham as a city for students?
Simply amazing, I've been here for over 5 years and it gets better each day.

How has the Masters degree differed from your undergraduate experience?
It makes me wish I did an undergraduate version of my Masters degree. I came from a product design background and I have been guided into developing a business mindset in the smoothest way possible.

How has the course influenced your future plans or career aspirations?
I wanted to be a designer, and nothing more. Now the world is my oyster, I'm looking at job opportunities past face value and looking to apply all my skills rather than just one.

What advice would you give to students considering studying at Nottingham Business School?
Just do it! It's an amazing experience. I thought a Masters degree would be the hardest challenge in my life but the set up in the business school, especially the MSc Entrepreneurship course, makes the learning process so smooth.

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