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Shane Nicholls


United Kingdom
What sets NBS apart from the rest is its desire to prepare you for life outside of education. They do their upmost to provide you with invaluable experiences that are directly transferable into life as a professional.

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Why did you choose NTU and your course?

"For me, I definitely think that NTU’s gold rated teaching and learning was a major component in my desire to study with this institution. Coming from a different field of study, I felt as though this element would be most beneficial to ease, support and develop my transition from one field to another. Not only this, I also had several close friends who were already studying with NTU and their recommendations and overwhelming positive experiences was another factor that enticed me to continue my studies here. Hearing first-hand about how supportive, inclusive and engaging NTU could be, definitely tipped the scales in their favour!

Project Management covers a vast and comprehensive area of study and its concepts and instruments are coveted in a wide range of industries from construction, engineering, IT and everything in-between. Therefore, I wanted a course that equipped me with the knowledge and practical ability to apply Project Management’s methodologies, techniques and tools. NTU’s programme stood out and illustrated what knowledge was disseminated in what module and how you’d be a better professional for it."

What stood out about Nottingham Business School (NBS)?

“What sets NBS apart from the rest is its desire to prepare you for life outside of education. They do their upmost to provide you with invaluable experiences that are directly transferable into life as a professional. This includes classroom exercises that put concepts into practical context, guest lecturers who explain what tools they’ve gained at NTU and used in their professional career and modules that enable you to solve problems for real companies. All of these experiences and more put you in the best possible position to succeed as a professional."

What did you enjoy most about your course and studying at NTU in general?

“What I enjoyed most about the course was the diversity in the programme. My module lecturers sought to teach interesting workshops, using unique methods and not forgetting fun and interactive lessons. By doing so, they taught my classmates and I the subject matter and kept us engaged throughout. This provided us with a memorable experience so you could more easily remember the theories or concepts taught."

How would you rate the support services at NTU?

"The support services at NTU really stood out. Not only were they always available, but their insight and practical nature in how they dealt with any concerns was so refreshing. The employability team in particular helped me totally rebrand my online presence. Firstly, by refining my CV to aid with my employability and secondly, supporting me in producing a stimulating Linkedin profile that vastly improved my professional social media."

Did you get involved with any opportunities at Nottingham Business School? How did these opportunities improve your experience?

"I was lucky enough to study internationally with NTU and so, in alignment with one of my final modules for my course I went to Paris. It was something that I always wished to do and resulted in a unforgettable and captivating experience. Studying in Paris enabled me not only to apply my newly taught Project Management theory but also to meet students from Mexico, Russia, China and France. All of whom, I’m still in contact with now! The experience developed me both personally and professionally as I developed skills in communicating with people, located all around the globe!"

What job are you currently doing and what does it involve?

"Currently, I am a Graduate Project Manager for a construction firm in the East Midlands. The role is very hands on and if I’m not consulting with clients, I am with contractors being attentive to their concerns, putting in place mitigations or managing risks. The role covers all aspects of Project Management from the project's inception to its close and managing all the explicit and implicit success factors that accompany such projects. It definitely keeps me on my toes."

How has your experience at NTU helped you in your current role? Are there any skills you gained at NTU that you now use every day?

"Without a doubt, my course extensively covered risk management and the financial aspect of projects. This work is pivotal to my work now and those hours studying risk mitigation, failure mode analysis and cost management has definitely paid off. In fact, creating a risk register and being aware of their implications both practically and commercially was one of my first tasks at work!"

What would your advice be to those who have recently graduated and are looking for roles?

"As cliché as it sounds, you get out what you put in! And although job hunting can be so draining mentally and physically, it’s important that you thoroughly research the companies that you’re applying to and not only tailor your CV but your cover letter too. It’s the small things that stand out with employers and taking that extra time and effort to detail your affinity to the organisation/sector or being able to relay how your experiences can be of value in relation to their goals, really does go a long way!"

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