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Tinotenda Mark Matienga


Course studied: MSc Branding and Advertising

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There are a number of guest lectures, which I found to be relevant as it gives you an insight directly from people in industry. I found this to be great as it shows the relevance of the various concepts and theories that we are learning.

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Why did you decide to do postgraduate study?

“Career wise I am looking at specialising in the communications side of marketing, as I enjoy how companies are using creative ways of communicating with their customers globally. This MSc program was perfect for me as it specialised in this. This degree program aligned perfectly with my career goals, as it would provide me with a platform to develop the necessary competencies needed to operate a strategic and tactical level within the global marketing environment. Another reason was that the current graduate market is extremely competitive, and I felt that having another degree along with some of the work experience I have gained, would set me apart from other graduates.”

What made you choose NTU? 

“Having previously studied at NTU for my undergraduate degree program I found coming back to NTU one of the easiest decisions I have ever had to make. From my time here I really enjoyed the fact that NTU had a very modern and diverse way of teaching. For example, there are a number of guest lectures, which I found to be relevant as it gives you an insight directly from people in industry. I found this to be great as it shows the relevance of the various concepts and theories that we would be learning.

Finally, I feel the university has made significant strides in the last couple of years in relation to its performance and rankings. For example, the university was awarded the University of the Year award for 2019 by The Guardian, as well as being named Modern University of the Year by the Sunday Times in 2018. These are encouraging signs that I feel further justified my decision to come back to NTU.”

What do you enjoy most about your course at NTU? 

“There a number of things I enjoy about the course. I feel there is a great balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. For instance, in the first module I did; Principles of Marketing, we worked in groups using the My Marketing Experience (MMX) simulator. We were required to start our own brand of jeans and analyse the changing marketplace, set strategy for the company, take tactical actions and compete against each other in a fun yet challenging setting. What I particularly enjoyed about this was the levels of critical thinking required for solving some of the performance related issues at the end of each marketing quarter in the simulation.

I find the style of teaching to be quite enjoyable and flexible as you are not stuck behind a book all the time and being asked to write out loads of essays. I also enjoy the flexibility with the timetable, as I am in class for two full days a week, which I find enables me to manage my time effectively with university assignments, part time work and extra-curricular activities.

Lastly, the course has high level accreditations such as the CIM Level 4 as well as exemptions from the Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing which again I feel will help students in the graduate market.”

What do you think about the course staff? How do they support your learning and University experience?

“They are all highly experienced in the marketing field, with years of industry experience, which I think is critical when linking the various theories and concepts we discuss in class to real world examples. I find they tend to challenge us as students to think outside of the box and always have a justification for the points we make, which I feel helps to develop those critical thinking skills that employers look for. They tend to encourage a lot of student participation in class, which is great as we get to bounce ideas off of each other, which ultimately enhances the learning experience for everyone.”

What do you think about the facilities available to you?

“I find the university facilities to be very good and well-tailored to students various wants and needs. For example, the library has loads of working spaces in which you can chat freely, there are quiet rooms for those that prefer to work with no distractions and group rooms with large monitors which are perfect for group presentations. The library also has the roof garden, which is a great study area and quite popular with students during the summertime as you can enjoy some sun while getting some work done.

There is a dedicated employability department, who provide hands on assistance with information on vacancies, events, employability, mentoring, applications and interviews. I find them to be extremely helpful as they give you advice on how to stand out among other job seekers in the graduate market. Also, they advertise various part time roles which range from bar and catering to office and admin work, which is a great way to boost your CV and make some extra money on the side.”

Why would you recommend your course to someone looking to study in that area?

“I find the course content very up to date in the way that it is taught. What has really stood out to me is the way lecturers use current branding issues that some of these big organisations we read about and see on the news are facing. There is a wide range of autonomy in our assessments. We were allowed to choose any company we like and assess their current marketing strategy and competitive environment prior to expanding their brand in a new country. I found this quite fascinating and thought provoking as it gives an insight into the procedures global brands go through and what makes them successful.”

What do you believe sets Nottingham Business School apart?

“The courses constantly link to real life examples which I think sets NBS apart from other business schools.  For instance, I am currently undertaking the Brand Corporate Reputation module, which we apply theory to critically analyse brands such as Virgin and Coca Cola. The work placement option provided by NBS for their MSc programs is quite unique at Masters’ level, which I find would highly appealing to students looking at gaining the relevant work experience in between their studies.

In addition, the continuous effort that NBS makes to improve is what sets them apart from other business schools. The students are always at the heart of everything at NBS, whether its student feedback surveys conducted at the end of each module or periodic student focus groups. These ensure that the student is always involved which ultimately improves the students overall experience with the NBS.

NBS also has a strong focus on making students more employable through the Personal and Professional Development module. This module encourages students to work on competencies through attending workshops and guest lectures, watching relevant TED talks and gaining relevant work experience.”

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