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Oyinkansola Adebayo


United Kingdom
The knowledge and wisdom impacted by members of staff has helped me in channelling my life goals.

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"I chose NBS because of the variety of options to navigate my studies. Particularly, the opportunity to run an enterprise project in the second half of my second year, and to have a year in industry in a company of my choice. Aside from this, the academic aspect of the course has really grounded me in knowing how to use economic theories in real life situations, in a micro and macro level."

"Not a lot of Universities allows their student to be flexible in how they study and to take more ownership of their degree. NBS has not only given me academic opportunities but also personal development and business opportunities, like Enactus, IoD and the Entrepreneurs club through the Hive."

"Living in Derby for my placement year has really made me appreciate the vibe and energy the city of Nottingham has to offer. Nottingham never sleeps or slumber! She is always awake with some sort of activity- whether you want to go to a jazz night or a Christian concert, or networking events. You have a space to be who you are and to express your interest no matter how individual they might be."

"My course is a neat conglomerate of two subjects - Economics and Business Management. My first year broadly introduced all aspects of the two courses. I learnt about the basics of Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Economics, Human Resources and more. With the range given, I was theoretically ready to start a business (all I needed was an idea). My second year was focused more on economics, and hands on practice planning a business through the Hive’s Enterprise Project Scheme. I think the course met my expectations as it gave me a platform to explore my identity through my learning, and explore how I can make an impact in the world through Economics."

"In my first year, I took part in the enterprise challenge sponsored by PKF Cooper Parry which ran till the end of my second year and I was project leader for Core within Enactus - using renewable cosmetics to empower disadvantaged women. This project played a tremendous role in helping Enactus NTU to secure a place in the Enactus UK Semi-finals."

"I have been supported by conversations with my lecturers that don’t just help in making me succeed academically, but stimulate my thinking. Aside from this, the Employability team and the Hive have helped in addressing how my future can be shaped."

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