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Louise Newton


Course studied: BA (Hons) Mandarin Chinese and International Relations

United Kingdom
There are so many opportunities for personal, academic and career development.

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How did you enter into Clearing?

I entered Clearing after deciding that I no longer wanted to do the degree I’d set as my unconditional first choice.

Why did you choose to apply to NTU?

I applied to NTU as it was my local university. I went to college near the City Campus, and I loved the environment. I had a lot of friends whose older siblings attended NTU and they loved it.

Can you tell us what you experienced during the Clearing process?

I spent a lot of time researching different courses, and universities, and their entry requirements before I self-referred into Clearing. I wanted to make sure it was the right choice for me, and that I had options if things didn’t go to plan on results day. I attended a drop-in session at the City Campus after I obtained my results, before calling the Clearing hotline when I was home, to apply for my course.

How have you settled into your course and NTU?

I have settled into my course and life at NTU incredibly well. I absolutely love my course! I’ve made some amazing friends. The staff are so friendly and helpful. The staff and my peers have made settling into university so easy.

What do you like most about the course, and do you think you’ve made the right decision?

I love how varied my course is. We cover such a wide variety of topics and we have the ability to do wider reading and research into topics that interest us more than others, due to the resources available, online and in the libraries.

What do you think about the course staff, how do they support your learning and University experience?

The course staff are so friendly and helpful. They always do their best to help solve any problems. My lecturers make my degree so much more interesting and help me stay engaged. They actively encourage me to expand on what they teach, and to form my own opinions and ideas. They encourage academic debates, allowing us to express our ideas and opinions freely, in a respectful way.

What do you like about studying and living in Nottingham?

I grew up in Nottingham and I love the city so much that I decided to stay! I commute from home to save money and this hasn’t impacted my social life, or university life, in any way. Nottingham is such an interesting city, filled with so many diverse cultures. With two universities, the student life is incredible. There are always student events and there’s plenty to do in the day too, if the night life isn’t your thing.

In a nutshell, why would you recommend your course / NTU to someone looking to study in that area?

I would recommend NTU as it is such a diverse university. The staff are supportive. There are so many resources to help expand your learning, outside of the lectures. There is always something to do, and you are actively encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. There are so many opportunities for personal, academic and career development. NTU has such a positive, friendly atmosphere. I wouldn’t want to study anywhere else.

What advice would you give someone thinking about going through Clearing?

Don't panic. I was so worried about Clearing. I was worried that the staff wouldn’t be very nice. I’d heard so many Clearing horror stories from my friends, and their older siblings. When I rang NTU’s Clearing hotline, all my fears were resolved. The person I spoke to was so kind, and reassuring. NTU was the only university that I rang and, within 10 minutes, I had my course offer. The staff were so supportive, answering my questions and helping me make the best decision for myself. They made the process so easy, that I’m not sure why I was worried in the first place.

What are you most looking forward to in the two/three years at NTU?

I am most looking forward to my year abroad as it gives me the opportunity to expand on my language learning, and also experience a different culture. I am looking forward to choosing my modules and catering my learning more towards myself, and my future career goals.

Our guide to Clearing will answer your questions about the Clearing process, how you’ll know if you are eligible, and how to choose the right university for you.

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