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Carla Brindley


United Kingdom
The tutors, and the knowledge they provide to you on the Early Years Initial Teacher Training, will inspire you and remind you exactly why you began your career in early years.

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What made you choose this course? (Facilities, reputation, additional opportunities?)

I not only chose to study at Nottingham Trent University because it was close to home but also because I had heard good things regarding the resources and quality of teaching for those studying early years.

How has the course so far helped you to develop your career?

The Early Year Initial Teacher Training has helped me to become more of a reflective practitioner. I am constantly implementing something at my setting which I have learnt from seminars or placements. I have enjoyed sharing practice and having professional discussions with my fellow students and tutors who all share the same passion for early years.

Could you describe your experience of being a student at NTU so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at NTU so far. The library resources for education students are of high standard and, to date, I have always been able to access the books and journals I require. Even during recent lockdowns, there has not been an impact on the teaching we have received and any suggestions we have made to improve this have always been taken on board.

Could you tell us about the support you received from your tutors and university staff?

When I have ever sought advice or support from my Module Leaders or my ULT, I have always received a timely response and have been guided in the right direction. The tutors understand that every student's journey at university will be different and that the level of support they will need will vary and this has been evident when dealing with my cohort.

We’ve had to transition to remote teaching during the coronavirus outbreak. How have you found that change? Do you feel the University’s responded well to the challenge?

Although I personally struggle with online learning, our tutors worked hard to ensure that we still received the same content during our seminars. I am so grateful to be back on campus but feel that we have not missed out on any content due to some sessions being taught remotely.

During this period of remote teaching, have you still been able to access the kinds of guidance and support you’d expect? Are you still comfortable about your outcome?

Yes! If not more so. More of NUT’s help and guidance have been made available online, meaning I have still been able to access the support I need with assignments. I feel that I am still on target for my outcome and that remote learning has not affected this.

Did you do a UK placement, and if so, please tell us about that?

Yes, I was able to carry out a school placement in Foundation Stage 2. I found this very informative in helping me to understand the next stage for the children at my setting. This, in turn, has helped me to adapt certain elements of the curriculum that I provide at my setting to ensure that children are fully ready for the next stage of their journey.

If you recommended this course to a future student, what would you say?

The tutors and the knowledge they provide to you on the Early Years Initial Teacher Training will inspire you and remind you exactly why you began your career in early years. You will become keen to carry out further research into the field to expand your knowledge and improve the outcomes for the children in your setting. Although there is a lot of work involved to achieve this qualification, I gained a lot of knowledge that I have never gained on any of my previous training; and this, in addition to the motivation I obtained helped me to attain the quality education and care that we all strive to provide for the children.

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