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Course studied: BA (Hons) Education

United Kingdom
The BA Education team have been nothing short of amazing throughout the time I have spent here!

More about Elliott

The BA (Hons) Education course has been replaced with BA (Hons) Education Studies.

Why NTU?

What inspired you to study BA (Hons) Education?

"I have been working in Education since the age of 18. I initially entered as an activity leader which ignited my passion to enable children to enjoy school. Shortly after, I transitioned from the activity leader to becoming a teaching assistant whilst gaining the relevant qualifications. My passion grew further, leading me to desire my own classroom in which to enrich the lives of children through the power of education. Although Primary Studies was a potential option, I decided to choose BA Education as I felt it would stimulate me and enable me to understand the nuts and bolts of education, rather than being taught how to teach."

Why did you choose your course and NTU?

"Nottingham is my hometown. Because I have a mortgage and commitments within, and around, the city, NTU was the feasible option for my studies."

What’s your experience been like of your course so far? 

"The course brings a plethora of knowledge and experiences available to students who study here. The learning environment is not confined to the traditional nuclear four walls that many of us are used to. Experiences consist of an outdoor module and educational off-site visits which not only aid in the specific module you are learning about, but also allow you to develop a critical perspective on what you believe to be education."


What do you think of the support available from tutors and staff at NTU?

"The BA Education team have been nothing short of amazing throughout the time I have spent here! Not only have they provided an engaging and thought-provoking environment to learn in, but they have also provided humanistic qualities by greeting you across campus and nurturing your abilities to maximise your learning potential."

The Next Steps

What’s next for you after NTU? 

"I have received an offer for teacher training through a School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) company. I feel by gaining Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), I will be in good stead if I decide to expand my branches out within the field of education."


What top tips would you give anyone thinking about studying your course at NTU?

"If you’re looking for a course that will ‘teach you how to teach’ then this course isn’t for you. This course goes much deeper! This course will challenge what you know about education and will have you questioning why education is taught in a specific way, as well as showing the justifications behind those decisions. It will provide you with critical revelations from your own educational background as well as helping you to understand the perspective of others’ educational journeys.

Enjoy your time here and immerse yourself in the wonderful world that is education."

Still need help?

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