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Alice-Andreea Magean


United Kingdom

More about Alice-Andreea

NTU was one of the only two universities offering the option of completing an undergraduate law degree via distance learning, which was very important for me because I was looking to maintain my full-time job in London whilst undertaking a degree.

The reason I wanted to do a law degree is because I was motivated to apply for a legal trainee scheme with the European Union and therefore qualify as an international solicitor. Overall, law stands at the foundation of every day life and I would like to indirectly contribute to this industry by putting right the wrong for all classes of individuals or business entities - everyone should have access to legal help.

I had studied Law during my A-levels as well and thus I repeated some of those modules during my first year of university. However, even between the time I finished school and started university, those rules I previously learnt were outdated and were replaced with new law. Hence, this course gave me the opportunity and resources to stay up to date with areas of law I would otherwise not have researched as well as allowing me to focus on modules I may want to qualify in the future, through the optional modules in Year 3.

I would give the course facilites 9 out of 10 due to the wide range of courses offered, alongside course combinations and diverse modes of studies eg sandwich, full/part-time and distance learning. NTU is also keeping up with the rapid legal changes regarding the SQE examinations, offering preparatory courses, hence the university’s adaptability to change is what I admire the most.

I would say that potential students should choose NTU as it is a reliable, supportive, professional and diverse university, offering quality study experience through equal treatment and supporting young entrepreneurs.

My time at NTU has not yet finished, however, choosing this university provided me with opportunities to participate in international summer camps, external inter-universities mooting competitions with Landmark Chambers as well as receive funding from the university to complete a Civil/Commercial Mediation course recognised internationally and be nominated for the prestigious Future Lawyer of the Year Award.

Interesting events were always hosted with professionals both with a solicitor or barrister background, work experience opportunities posted every week alongside in person and online job fairs, which I found insightful into becoming sure of a future legal career.

Although I only travelled to Nottingham once every 2 months for live weekend lectures, I was able to experience life in the city. All restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment facilities are close to the campus and even if you need to travel, the city has great train connections.

My favourite place in Nottingham is the Wollaton Hall Park alongside spending my time on the ice skating rink.

Since I was rarely travelling to university, I did not have long-term accommodation. However, I enjoyed staying at the Premier Inn Hotel in the city centre since it was very close to my campus - they offered a great breakfast selection too!

The university allows students to meet with like-minded people academically as well as in terms of personal values, therefore, all students and tutors at NTU are friendly and open to communication. There would not be any one whom I would not be able to approach.

Being on the distance learning course, I did not feel the need to discuss my personal matters with tutors. However, I would inform the module tutor in case I needed an extension for course work, to which they responded positively. Tutors are generally open to discuss non-academic matters, being understanding, flexible and respectful.

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