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George Boxall


United Kingdom

More about George

I chose to study at NTU because I regarded the university as very reputable and felt that I would receive the full university experience in terms of study, sport and social. The university is right in the city centre of Nottingham, so you can fully get the city life, coming from a small town in Cornwall this was very appealing to me.

I had an alumni phone me before one of NTU’s Open Days encouraging me to attend an Open Day, he was very informative and answered any questions I had had about NTU and Nottingham. Once I attended the Open Day, I got a real feel for Nottingham and NTU which heavily influenced my decision as I got to meet the academics that would be teaching me and the listen to current student’s experiences of NTU.

One key feature of my course is that Nottingham Law School is very well regarded and offers postgraduate opportunities in Law, this differentiated it from many other universities, who mainly focused on just undergraduate opportunities. Another key feature was the very regarded employability statistics as these gave me the impression that NTU care about its students after they graduated.

I have been required to take part in group projects as well as individual projects. These have been important to my person development as they have improved my confidence and public speaking skills which have been transferred to job interviews.

I have also enjoyed Criminal and Contract Law as I find these interesting to read upon and include practice elements such as mooting.

The Student Union really impressed me on the Open Day as it was much more advanced than the other universities of which I looked at. One aspect that really impressed me was the climbing wall in the centre of the SU. I also like how the SU combines the gym, sports hall and an eatery as well as hosting student accommodation above it.

Because the SU was impressive, I got the feeling that this was a taste of being an NTU student and therefore I knew that if I came to NTU I would get the full student experience.

Another key facility that attracted me to the university was the mock court room as I knew that this would be practical in my studies.

I am currently in the process of applying to placements in order to participate in a placement year. The Employability team are a real credit to the university, they always give me their time of day to review a cover letter that I have written or my CV and this has been very beneficial for applying to placements. NTU has a job board specifically for placements called Inplace, there are placement advertisements being uploaded frequently; this is very handy as it puts all the placements in one place.

I really enjoy the city lifestyle, everything I need is located in the city centre, so I hardly ever leave. There is an array of retail, restaurants and bars therefore Nottingham hosts everything I could ever need.

Location wise, Nottingham is in a very central part of England; for interviews, I have had to travel to London and even that is less than a two-hour train journey. The public transport links are very good, so it is never the case of a bus or train every hour!

My plans for the future are to be in a professional career, possibly Law, that offers career progression and relocation opportunities.

Advice to prospective students

What is your top tip for choosing the right university

Make sure you attend open days as these can give you a real impression of the university, its campus and city; just looking at a university online is one thing, but it can completely differ in real life. This is a place that you’ll be spending 3 or 4 years of your life here as well as a lot of money therefore you want to ensure that the university and its city will be an environment in which you and your career prospects can thrive.

Why did you choose NTU?

I chose NTU because I was drawn by the fact that this university offers the essentials to a full student experience plus more. It has so many opportunities in the form of studies, social and sport which I think that other universities lack in the sense that there is an emphasis on just one of these aspects.

Why did you choose to study Law?

I chose to study Law because it is a rigorous degree that will and has already equipped me with skills imperative to today’s job market. These skills include analysis, taking a logical approach to problem solving and writing in a clear and concise manner; these skills are outlined in a lot of job advertisements therefore studying Law will provide me with transferable skills to go into any profession if I chose not to pursue a career in Law.

What’s the best thing about your course?

The best thing about my course is the support from my tutors, if I am ever unsure about a subject or want them to go through my work with me they are easily contactable and available. I feel like a name rather than a number.

Still need help?

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