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Kazuhisa Deguchi


Nottingham Law School seems to have quite an extensive reach in terms of offering students a panoply of experiences.

More about Kazuhisa

"I chose Nottingham Law School because I had heard of some of its expert teaching staff, and I was especially keen to experience being taught by Elizabeth Chadwick, whose book Self-Determination in the Post 9/11 Era I had read during my undergraduate studies. I also took an interest in the Centre for Business and Insolvency Law, and read their Insolvency Bulletin, which led me to contributing towards the autumn 2015 Volume 11 Insolvency Bulletin in my first term of study.

"Studying Law at postgraduate level is one of the requirements needed in order to pursue a career in the United Nations. Modules related to terrorism and the ICC were particularly appealing for me. I thought that what I'd learn in these modules would provide me with a decent backdrop before pursuing a career in international organisations. Despite my LLM course being geared towards Human Rights Law, my other interest is in Company Law, so I appreciated Nottingham Law School's flexible course structure.

"The Legal Advice Centre was a highly influential factor in my decision to take up study at Nottingham Law School. The centre hosts workshops and seminar events on legal practice, and students have the opportunity to perform pro bono and gain legal experience by working here. I have been trained as a FRU representative, which means I am qualified to give free legal advice under the supervision of a specialist in-house solicitor. Nottingham Law School seems to have quite an extensive reach in terms of offering students panoply of experiences.

"NOW, Nottingham Trent University's online learning space, is an extremely helpful informational base. It advertises work placement opportunities, provides course related information, displays your academic timetable, and keeps you updated on news within the University.

"The University has a friendly environment and I recommend Law students to actively participate in the legal work experiences offered by or through Nottingham Law School. At times you may be required to venture out of your comfort zone, but the skills you develop will come into use in the future."

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