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Amir Adl Rudbordeh

Amir Adl

Course studied: LLM Corporate and Insolvency Law/ LLM European and Insolvency Law

The fact that you obtain two masters degrees in only one year is quite exceptional.

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After obtaining my Bachelors degree in the Netherlands, I went on to study a masters degree through this new LLM programme. I wanted to experience studying abroad and this dual LLM was very unique and interesting at the time.

Before I started the dual LLM, I had heard that the teachers on the course were all experts in their areas of  Law. I was also aware that both Nottingham Trent University and Radboud University Nijmegen had highly regarded law schools.

What attracted me to this programme was the fact that I would gain a Masters in Corporate and Insolvency Law, which I like, but of which there are very few. When choosing a masters, I considered it important for the course to go beyond what is usually taught during the bachelor. I wanted there to be more interaction, more in depth conversations and also the accreditation was important to me.

The fact that you obtain two masters degrees in only one year is quite exceptional. This was important for me as I would much rather have a masters which is more difficult in a shorter time than an award which is less difficult that takes more time.

During my time on the programme I am most proud of two particular achievements: first was the publishing of a book based on my LLM dissertation; second was receiving second place in the International Insolvency Institute's 2016 Prize for International Insolvency Studies.

The postgraduate community in Nottingham is much more interesting that I expected. You will meet great people at NTU, students as well as teachers. The atmosphere is great, everyone is active and participating. This all makes studying at the NTU an unforgettable experience; at least it did for me.

I have always wanted to become a lawyer and I have achieved this goal. Now I want to perfect my profession, possibly write some articles on the side, and perhaps study for a PhD in the future.

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