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Anthonia Afuape


United Kingdom
I did not just leave Nottingham with amazing grades but with experiences and people I will never forget

More about Anthonia

Undergraduate degree: BSc Sport Science and Mathematics.

Anthonia knew the career she is hoping to go into required further and higher qualifications. She chose the MRes Mathematical Sciences as she heard about it from her Module Leader and the idea that there were numerous topic areas to choose from to focus her research on appealed to her.

Life as a postgraduate student?

There is a lot more free time to study. However, it comes with greater responsibility and the need to remain disciplined, focused and highly independent. It is easier to juggle work, life commitments and study at the same time because you have more free time. However you need to be careful and make sure education is priority above any other thing.

What are your career plans? What skills have you learnt?

I plan to work as a medical statistician, so analysing any form of medical data such as cancer datasets. From my MRes, I have learnt how to be independent, organised, disciplined, persistent and how to interact with fellow researchers and students. These skills are highly important and transferable to other types of career paths. More specifically the course enhanced my research skills, analytical skills, Microsoft Office skills, verbal and communication skills and critical thinking skills.

What did you like about studying in Nottingham and at NTU?

The facilities are nothing short of amazing! Nottingham as a city itself is so friendly and comfortable for any type of student. I did not just leave Nottingham with amazing grades but with experiences and people I will never forget.

Would you recommend your course? And do you have any advice?

The MRes Mathematical Sciences course is highly versatile and students can branch to whatever topic areas they choose to focus on. My advice would be to make yourself aware of all the opportunities that are available from the start to avoid missing one that would have been beneficial to you. If you do not find the right opportunity for you, do not be afraid to explain your situation and ask if one can be created for you. I did and I got what I wanted.

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